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Is there a product to paint plastic with a brush or roller?

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In order to paint plastic, you need to first coat the plastic with a bonding primer, the best bonding primer on the market is called x.i.m. it is available in a clear and a white in quarts, usually about 18 dollars a quart. This product can even bond to is a xylene based product, that cleans up with mineral spirits. You can top coat the primer with anything, I recommend using waterbased for exterior applications... hope this helps.

2006-10-07 03:27:30
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What kind of simple machine is a paint brush?

A paint brush is a wedge and a wheel and axle is the roller paint brush.

Which is best to paint a house roller or paint brush?

Use a roller for most of the walls and a sash brush for edging and filling.

What are some alternatives to the paint roller?

a paint brush

How do you paint slanted attic walls?

With a roller or brush.

How do you apply oil paint?

You can do it with a roller, brush or spray.

Is it better to use a brush or a roller to apply enamel paint?

I often use both, the brush in corners and bits the roller can't get to.

What supplies should i use when you paint?

paint, a paint brush, paint brush bucket, and plastic paper for the floors so paint won't drip on it.

Which type of roller is best for gloss paint?

Use a foam 100mm roller to apply paint. The go over with a good quality paint brush. the idea is to apply the paint evenly .

What is an sentence for brush?

He used a brush instead of a roller to paint the walls. She had to brush the snow off her car before driving to work.

How do you cut paint?

"Cutting-In" paint is the process of using a brush to trace out the area to be painted before filling it in with the roller.

What is the best paint for a pool enclosure?

Use a Exterior Latex Satin paint......You can spray on or use a zip roller low nap! You will need a brush to cut in where roller cant get.

What is better to paint a wall with a natural brush or a synthetic brush?

Either can be used. A roller would be best to cover large areas.

Paint gasoline and plastic come from this product?


Is there a non-spray type of paint that can be used on plastic?

I need to paint 8 polyethylene banquet tables for a non profit group and the cost of spray paint is very high. Is there a brush on paint for plastic made?

How do you pickle a floor?

The stain or paint is rubbed into the pores of the wood and then let dry completely. "Rubbed in" not painted on with a brush or roller.

What items will you need to paint your walls?

It depends on the condition of the walls, but presuming they are in very good shape: Paint, Masking Tape, Sheeting, Roller(s), and Brush(es).

What is paint brush?

Paint brush is a brush that u use for painting art

What would make a fresh coat of paint loosen the old paint?

Chances are the old paint was already loose and it stuck to the paint brush or roller. Surface prep, no matter what method is used is hard, but necessary work.

How do you remove Polyurethane from your brush?

You'll need: Paint thinner, plastic bowl, and a old towel. Fill the plastic bowl halfway with paint thinner. The paint thinner need only be applied to the bristles, or foam section, of the brush in order to remove the polyurethane. Dip the brush tip into the bowl of paint thinner. Cover the entire brush end with paint thinner. Add more paint thinner to the bowl if needed. Leave the brush in the bowl of paint thinner for 15 to 20 minutes. Allow the paint thinner to fully penetrate the polyurethane within the brush . Remove the brush from the bowl and rinse it with Luke warm water. Do not use cold water as this can cause the brush to harden . Avoid using extremely hot water as well as this can cause the glue securing the bristles to loosen and the bristles will fall out . Pat the brush with a old towel. Hope this helps.

Who invented the paint roller?

Norman Breaky invented the paint roller

How is a prime coat applied?

Exactly like a top coat of paint: with a brush, a roller or a sprayer, depending on the surface being coated.

What is an alternative to using primer paint?

You brush it, roller it or spray it. -Whichever method, you DO need primer if you want a good finish coat.

When was the air paint brush made?

there is no air paint brush

Paint roller a has a length of 11In and a diameter of 2In Paint roller b has a length of 7 In and a diametere of 3 I n which roller can spread more paint on a wall in one revolution?

paint roller B can spread more paint.

What do you paint on with a brush?

If you have a paint brush for Neopets, go to the rainbow pool, and paint your pet.