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Is there a proper way to arrange the clubs in a golf bag?


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2015-07-17 17:50:03
2015-07-17 17:50:03

I would say it depends on whether or not you are riding in a cart, pulling a hand cart, carrying your clubs, or using a caddy. It really is a matter of personal preference. Group short to long so that they accessible and dont bang short irons against longer clubs with graphite shafts.

You could "just throw them in the bag, however the way I was taught is to arrange them in your dividers or individual tubes with the longest clubs (woods) on the high end of the bag through the the shortest clubs (wedges) at the lowest side of the bag. However I have always put my putter with my woods, even though it is my shortest club. It really is a matter of preference.


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There can be 14 clubs in a golf bag during tournament play. The putter is considered one of the clubs.

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Anyway you want. It depends how many dividers there are. Most people usually keep the driver and woods together, then 3,4 and 5, then 6,7 and 8 then 9 and PW, then sand wedge and lob wedge. And putter separate. Do it how you want it, but some people can be very particular in how they arrange their clubs.

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The Club Glove Golf Travel Bag is extra large.

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A golf clubs set typically includes a total of twelve clubs including three woods and a putter. A golf clubs set also includes a golf club bag to carry all of the clubs.

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