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Yes, there has been a recall on the 12 ga. guns for several years. I personally have sent in 3 bolts. The model numbers are 583.13 through 583.22. You can find info on where to call by typing in J.C. Higgins recall on a search engine. I believe it is 800 817-9165. I don't know if the recent merger has any effect on this rebate. The recall is baseless. It was the result of a person who was injured when he opened the bolt of of a model 10 jc Higgins 583 3 12 gauge bolt action shotgun . The defect was not a result of actually firing,or the gun blowing up. The problem was that the bolt stop screw had been stripped wich allowed the bolt to come out. The shooter pulled the bolt out so fast and hard that it came out the gun and struck him in the eye. This accident was actually the falt of user . He should have not used the gun with stripped or missing bolt stop screw.If he did he should of atleast been a little more carefull. Any gun no matter how well made can be dangerous when put in service with defects . Sears recalled the guns to protect them selves. The model 10 was Sears own product they had bought the rights to manufacture the from Harrington & Richardson .H&R actually made almost the same model before WW2. It was known as m H&R 120 gamester. For Sears they were called 105 Ranger. After WW2 Sears bought the H&R Riesing pattent and had High Standard manufacture an improved version under the JC Higgins name [sears owned a good size part of High standard back then] the model 10 was made from 1945 to 1956 .In good condition they are one of the best bolt action shotguns ever made, and of higher quality than any thing in their class. They are very strong and safe shotguns. Sears is no longer buying bolts or reclling them no one knows how many perfectly good shotguns were ruined buy one mans stupidity .My advice would be If you have one have it checked by a compitent gun smith and enjoy it. They are old fashioned classics and still good hunters

No. They have you return the bolt so the gun can no longer be fired. They'll send you $160, which is about twice the value of a utility grade bolt action shotgun.

As of 2005, Sears is only offering a $50.00 gift card for the retun of the Shotgun bolt.

I'd like to add a few things.

Yes, there was a recall, however the recall was only done by Sears. This shotgun was also sold as the J.C. Higgins Model 10 and the High Standard Model 10. Neither J.C. Higgins or High Standard participated in this voluntary recall. Only Sears...

There has always been controversy about the recall being nothing more than Sears covering their butts because of one idiot who smacked himself in the face with his own bolt. This seems to add to it because if the problem was in the gun itself both J.C. Higgins and High Standard would have had to recall the gun also. Those companies did not recall their shotguns.

There is also rumors of the bolts exploding with force into peoples faces. There is not one single shred of evidence showing that happening. Only one lawsuit by some fool who jerked his bolt out with a stripped bolt set screw and smacking himself in the face.

There is or are probably instances of a user pulling the bolt out of th receiver because of a missing screw.

Note that all the models 10, 11, and 14 all had basically the same screw and Sears only recalled some of the model 10 versions but when they did it they also included identification numbers for 16 and 20 gauge guns as well. Sears did not recall any of the model 11 or model 14 models. Note aslo that J. C. Higgins was a trade name used by Sears and the recall was for J. C. Higgins model 10 High Standard did npt market a model 10 under their own name.

The real issue is that the missing screw problem was not the only failure. There was at least one case of the receiver fractruing and allowing the bolt free to travel to the rear. I have photos from theHGigh Stadanrd factroy of at least one of these failures. I also have a copy of a December 1959 failure reportt for a Moeld 10 #583.16 where the locking areas of the recircer was broken off and the secondary locking lug sheared off.

Note that when the recall occurred, High Standard was out of business.

The model 10 appeared in the Sears catalogs between the Spring /Summer 1946 and the Spring /Summer 1958 catalogs The MODeol 11 first appeared in the Christmas 1957 catalog.

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Q: Is there a recall on JC Higgins model 58316 12 gauge bolt action shotgun?
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What year was the JC Higgins 12 gauge bolt action shotgun model 58316 made?

The JC Higgins 583.16 is a bolt-action 12ga shotgun made for Sears by High Standard in 1948/1949.

How much jc Higgins model 58316?

Safety recall- unsafe to shoot. Sears will give you a $50 gift card for the bolt.

Jc Higgins 58316 what years were they made?


Where can you get a bolt for jc Higgins model 58316?

You can't. There is a safety recall on that model- unsafe to shoot. Sears has been buying back the bolts for years to take them out of circulation.

When was the JC Higgins golden hunter model 79919220 made?

anyone want to buy the bolt to a jc higgins md#58316 (farmer charles)

Where can you find a JC Higgins Model 58316 stock?

Boyds gunstocks has new ones available for 59.00

What is the value of a JC Higgins 12 gauge bolt action Model 58316?

If it has the bolt, it is worth about $60 which is the amount Sears will pay through their recall program on that shotgun. More input from FAQ Farmer Charles: "the gun was made in 1948 the 12 gauge models is getting scarce. In good condition and complete are woth between 75 and 100 dollars . JCHiggins collector like myself would pay more. I own one of these it has been in the family for more than fifty years it has been and still is one of the safest most reliable gun s I have ever owned. There was a bogus Recall by Sears of this gun they gave a fifty dollar gift card for the bolt which ruins the gun. I will pay 100 dollars for the bolt."

Is the jc Higgins 12 gauge model shotgun 58316 safe to use?

yes There is a bogus recall by sears on them But it really is some kind of gun grab .they give you 50 dollar gift certificate for the bolt only wich ruins your shotgun.the bolts weich are now hot selling items fetch 75 bucks the guns in good shape are worth 100 bucks no matter what your old shotgun is worth more than 50 bucks of Sears funny money. They recall has circulated all kinds of rummors and wives tales.about safety of these old classics. The model in quetion was made from 1945 to 1956. They are not exactly modern and their based on an even older gun The H&R 120.They are your Grand Fathers gun.They are however one of the best bolt action shotguns ever made.The problem is with the bolt stop screw. This is the screw that you remove to take out the bolt .If this screw is not present the bolt will fall out of the gun when you open the bolt. Parts are availabe from Numrich arms west Hurley NY.If you need them.If the gun is complete and in good condition its as good if not better than any thing out therI Have heard these things refered to as utility grade guns maybe today but in there day that was 50 years ago they were one of the best shotguns on the market It was the best selling guns on the market .

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