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What you want to allow for is for the equipment to be serviced allowing plenty of room for the service tech or whoever to get to each piece of equipment easily. A way to look at it is the longer it takes a tech to get to and be able to maneuver around the equipment and trellis etc the quicker he will be able to finish. Time is money. So if it would have taken a tech 40 min. to do a job or trouble shoot normally and it now takes 1.5 hrs to do the same job --- you are going to be billed for his time.

Both the pump motor and the pool heater need air circulation. The heater required a great deal of air circulation or ventilation in order to run or burn correctly. If you have a heater that is stackless then you need x amount of space on all four sides and top of the heater. That space is both regulated by the manufacturer and city codes to be of a specific measurement with NO deviation. A stack top heater also requires similar spacing on all sides with the exception of the stack. It has it's own requirements. The heater cannot be placed on any combustible material and the requirement for spacing of combustible material around and above the heater also have specific requirements. You cannot arbitrarily build an enclosure ( any type)around the equipment or heater. One requirement - as a service tech - would be to have enough head room in order to stand up while doing certain jobs. Bending over while doing a job that required standing takes longer to do translates to be more costly to you. If your enclosure is confining in that it blocks air circulation you then have to provide for that circulation another way. The heater requires so many square inches of ventilation space both at the top of the enclosure and the bottom and at opposing sides of the enclosure. The heater cannot be placed in a manner that it vents within four feet of an opening to the house. I E : bedroom window, door etc.

A manual should have come with your heater if not contact your heater's manufacturer on the internet and they will gladly mail one at no charge.

The pool filter if it is a verticle D. E. tank will require room enough to remove the filter grid assembly from the top of the tank. You should not have to separate the tank from the pool Plumbing to perform service on a filter.

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Q: Is there a recommended distance to keep around pool equipment when putting a trellis around it and can it go over the top?
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