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Is there a relay on a 1997 GMC Jimmy that will cause the headlights to stop working when the fuse is fine?

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Chances are its your headlight switch if the fuse is good. It can also be your dimmer switch.

2007-08-13 05:18:29
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Would a headlight relay be needed for headlights not working?

Not usually. Disconnect it and see what happens.

Jeep headlights will not switch from high beam to low. What would cause the headlights to stick on high beam?

The switch or the relay, check the cheapest, or simplest thing first, which could be the relay, but the symptom points more to the switch.

Why aren't your headlights working on your 1982 380sl When my battery blew up my headlights went off. I changed the battery and fuses however the headlights still are not working why?

The circuit is simple .... headlamp bulbs to relay to fuses to switch .... ttroubleshoot those items and you'll find the glitch

Why does the turn signals not work when the headlights working in a 2000 Accord?

More than likely a defective Flasher Relay. Replace it.

What will cause the wipers of a '98 Jimmy 4D to not operate occasionally?

Check that you are not turning the wiper switch to "delay." I had problems with my 1997 jimmy wipers not working. Check the wiper control box, relay switch, Mine works now.

Do headlights have a relay on a 1997 Chevrolet Blazer?

Yes, there is a headlight relay,

Electric windows and interior fan occasionally stop working on a fiat palio Which relay could cause it?

I had a similar problem with my 2002 Siena 1.6. It was a faulty relay situated in the main fuse box alongside the steering column (can't recall which relay it was but the diagram on the fuse box lid indicates). It also affected my headlights on low beam.

The headlights are on and you can't switch them off?

Headlights are on a relay. It may have fused shut. The relay maybe in with the fuses. Some have a delay going off which may have failed.

What could be the cause of both dipped headlights not working on Renault Scenic?

Blown fuse? Bad earth maybe. most likely the fuse. Fusebox located to right hand side of steering wheel. There is a headlight relay that is prone to failure.

What would cause headlights on an 88 Honda Accord to stay on even after they have been turned off?

Bad relay? (points burned and not releasing)

What would cause theFans not to come on 98 cadillac?

fan relay or fuses not working properly, probly the relay, you can straight witre it to find out

The headlights on my 2004 Chevy trailblazer quit working. All other lights work and the fuses are good. what could be the problem?

relay in the hood fuse box HDM relay (Headlamp Driver Module)

What would cause fog lights not to work on a 2001 Audi A4 2.8 Quattro?

Headlights need to be on for starters. Blown bulb, relay, or switch.

Does a 2004 dodge caravan have a relay for headlights?

no, the headlights are activated by the front control module via an internal driver.

I have a 2003 Pontiac sunfire my headlights stoped working i replaced the bulbs and still nothing what could be making them not work?

Bad switch? Bad relay/ Breaker tripped?

What if your headlights do not come on when you start the truck But they do when you press the relay switch?

Whatever controls the relay must be broken, if everything beyond the relay works.

Relay switch on a 1996 gmc jimmy?

There are several relay switch is on your 1996 GMC Jimmy. The brake light relay switch can be found below the dashboard in the engine compartment.

Where is the power door lock relay in a 1994 GMC Jimmy?

Where is the power door lock relay in a 1994 GMC Jimmy Chevy 1500

Why is there no power to the headlights no power to the headlights on a 1994 Crown Victoria?

Bad switch? Headlight Relay Fuse/Breaker needs replacement

Why are both headlights out on 2004 Nissan?

If both headlights went out at the same time it could be a blown fuse or a failed headlight relay.

Where is the headlight relay on a 1994 grand am?

my headlights on my 1994 pontiac gran am wont work is there something wrong with my headlight relay?

When will a relay stop working?

It is possible for aÊrelay toÊstop working. A relay can overheat or stop working due to a shortage in the wiring.

What is malfunctioning of relay?

The relay isn't working correctly

Why aren't the headlights on my 85 Chevy blazer working?

Check to see if the dash lights dim or if the tail lights come on when the light switch is turned on. If these other lights work then check for a headlight relay. Most likely causes are either the switch or the relay.

Where is the relay that controls the popup headlights on a 1996 Firebird?

i have a 93 firebird and my relays right next to my headlights under the hood so maybe its there