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There is no average amount of restitution per se, it really depends upon the type, extent, short or long-term effects and how the injury that caused the pain and suffering was incurred. Many states have established laws that place "caps" on personal injury awards, especially those related to medical malpractice.

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Q: Is there a rule of thumb for monetary claims due to pain and suffering?
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Can I sue for pain and suffering in a California small claims court?

No. Small claims courts are for what their name implies - for collecting "small claims," usually considered in many (all?) states to be of tangible monetary value less than $5,000. If you were to wish to pursue a claim for intangible damages it would have to filed in civil court, but not on the Small Claims docket.

Can you sue for pain and suffering in California small claims court?

As long as it meets the requirements for the court. Most claims of this sort are too large to be in a small claims court.

In the State of North Carolina, why pain and suffering is not recognized only for state claims but not for other claims, based on a pending claim upon my question ?

Here is a link which has a ton of information regarding NC pain and suffering, from what I've read there is a claim which can be made in NC for pain and suffering, however I believe a laywer would definitly be in the best interest of a person try to file such a claim.

What is the symbol for pain and suffering on the Trail of Tears?

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What is the difference in suffering and pain?

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How do you deal with pain and suffering as a pastor?

It depends on what kind of pain you are suffering from, try to find a medication that works for that type of pain

What is pain?

"Pain" is a sensation felt by bodily or emotional suffering, or an unpleasant situation which leads to such suffering.

What does the word suffering mean?

Suffering is another word for pain. if someone suffers they are unhappy and in pain

Are stoics indifferent to peoples pain and suffering?

No, stoics are only indifferent to their own pain and suffering.

WHAT IS AN example of compensation for pain and suffering?

The most common example of compensation for pain and suffering is a cash payout.

Are you entitled to pain and suffering if there were no injuries?

Most likely not. Pain and suffering only comes into place if you are injured.

Is suffering the same word as pain?

Yes i say it is because when u are suffering u will feel pain

Pain and distress I was suffering. Is this correct grammar?

The better way to put it would be - I was suffering from pain and distress - if that is your complete sentence. Alternatively you could say - The pain and distress I was suffering caused me to lash out.

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What are pay outs for pain and suffering?

The "payout" is commensurate to the amount of pain and suffering you actually experienced. Stress is not recoverable.

I smashes my thumb in the car door how do I get rid of the bruise and pain-?

If you smashed your thumb in the car door, you can help get rid of the bruise and the pain by icing the thumb and taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Do you pay taxes on pain and suffering settlements?

No. Areas of a settlement such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering are not taxed.

How much is pain and suffering in California?

There are no set laws or pricing metrics for pain and suffering in California. A jury or judge looks at all the facts, and sets an amount based on their own individual judgment of a pain and suffering case in California.

Can a plaintiff sue for pain and suffering in a small claims court?

Can I sue in small claims court (the one that I sue up to $25,000) for punitive damages and pain and suffering in new york city?All answers can be e-mail at my e-mail address:

How much can someone sue in a small claims court in California for emotional distress?

From what I know you can't sue for emotional distress in small claims court period. However, you can request pain & suffering along with the medical bills you want paid.

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What does the legal concept of 'pain and suffering' refer to?

Pain and suffering often refers to the physical and mental distress suffered from an injury. Pain and suffering examples are, temporary and permanent limits on physical activities, pain and aches, depression. Which is damaging to oneself from another whether it be negligence or an intentional attack.

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