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No, can't think of a 'rule'. Maybe your policy had depreciation? If you mean maybe that they only paid to replace the room that was damaged instead of the entire house? If you could be more specific perhaps I could be of more assistance.

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What is office insurance?

insurance with regard to office property

What does PIP mean in regard to car insurance?

medical insurance

What is the definition of primary coverage in regard to automobile insurance?

Basic coverage.

Why does the agent has many more ethical duties than the broker in regard to the?

Insurance Company

Can a non owner get insurance for the boat that is registered?

My first thought with regard to this question. Why would you want to?

Where can I locate a cheap life insurance quote?

There are several factors that are considered with regard to what you'll pay for life insurance. Start your research here:

How can you find a life insurance company that no longer exists?

Though finding out non existent insurance company's whereabouts is a herculean task, you can approach the Insurance Regulator of the country, who,it is expected, would assist you in this regard.

How do catastrophes affect short-term insurance?

Not sure I understand what you mean by short-term with regard to cats? please expand your question. does climate change affect insurance

Is there a number of accidents for a certain length of time where an insurance company will drop you?

All insurance companies are different with their own set of rules in regard to when you are more of liability and they decide to drop you. Check with your own insurance company for a more specific answer.

What should I know before buying charter boat insurance?

Your insurance agent is the very best source of information about marine insurance, particularly with regard to a charter business. You'll need to have all the necessary licenses and permits, as well as a safety check by the USCG. You'll also want to understand the various degrees of personal liability with regard to the business and the different ways it might be structured legally.

What does 'stacking' mean in regard to auto insurance?

Georgia automobile insurance law states that people who purchase insurance may "stack" - or add the coverage together for each insured vehicle - for uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

Will a driving after suspension ticket raise your auto insurance in WI?

I think so since one of the factors affecting auto insurance price is driving record; and if your records shows a suspension, insurance companies will surely regard you as a high risk driver.

What is the minimum length of time producers must maintain records with regard to policy replacements in life insurance polocies?

3 years

How do you get information from an old policy from company that is out of business?

You may approach office of the IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority) who might help you in this regard.

What is another word with the same meaning as the word 'regard'?

Regard as a verb, or regard as a noun. Please clarify.

Can your beneficiary collect life insurance benefits after your suicide in Virginia?

Generally no life insurer entertains payment against suicidal death.Hope, this will clear any ambiguity in this regard.

How do you spell regard?

Regard is the correct spelling.

Why do you think people deplete resources without replacing them?

Tragically lacking foresight, many humans are only interested in "instant gratification" without regard for others. Of course, differing opinions are always welcome.

Will it be good to use American express car insurance broker?

Using American express motor plan coverage broker may or may not be beneficial for you. This will depend on your requirements. You need to consult your American express auto insurance company in this regard. All the best!

What is the definition of primary coverage in regard to medical insurance?

Often, a person will have "primary" insurance and "secondary" insurance. For example, if you have insurance through your job, and your husband has insurance through his job, then your primary insurance will be the one through your job, and your secondary insurance will be the one through your husband's job. Also, your husband's insurance through his job will be his primary, and yours through your job will be his secondary. There can be some exceptions to this though. For example, if you were married, had a child, then divorced and remarried (retaining custody of the child), and both your ex and current husbands have insurance through work, then the one who's birthday is first is considered the "primary" insurance, and the other is the "secondary" insurance. But there will still be a deductible with each one that has to be met before either one will pay.

Is it with regard or in regard?

Cite your conclusion regarding to the activity.

What is good life insurance for seniors?

New York Life and Mutual of Omaha are two of the most preferred companies to look into with regard to life insurance for senior citizens. They have a long standing track record for offering seniors rates much lower than competitors.

What is a sentence using the word regard?

The football fans invariably regard the opposing teams with disdain. He has the highest regard for the faculty at his school. There was a change to the program with regard to the number of scholarships.

where is the best Ohio car insurance for new drivers?

The best place for you to find a really good quote for car insurance, for a driver at the age of sixteen, is to check various price comparison sites on the internet. In my opinion, the website, looks a very promising site in regard to people living in Ohio seeking reasonably priced insurance quotes.

Which company has the cheapest vehicle insurance?

There is no flat, standard rate for vehicle insurance. Quotes are based on specifics with regard to the driver and the vehicle. To find the best quote, shop around. Go to You can get multiple quotes from several companies by simply answering a few questions.