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Why wouldn't you just tap a hot wire already in the cab or the fuse block under the rear seat? NO!!! There is no easy way to do it, Pull off the fuse block under the back seat and add a capacitor are your best bet depending on what power options you have for your year vehicle. I had to put a capacitor in my 2003 to power the 1000w kenwood amp for mine. It took a glow-stick, knife, and had to pull the rubber cable grommet loose from the firewall to power the stereo system. Cut the grommet about 1/4-1/2 inch on the engine compartment side. Then put the glow-stick through the gromet, wax/cable lube if needed, or a mild detergent soap and water, NEVER use OIL OR GREASE as it can cause your the insulation on the Cable's to deteriorate, then attach your power cable to the glow-stick and pull it back through the grommet extremely carefully not to disturb or pull too hard on the other cables. Reseal (pop) the grommet back into the firewall then put some silicone around it to help keep it water tight or use electrical tape to rewrap the cut in the gromet. Its a tough job, be careful!

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Q: Is there a simple way to run a wire from the battery through the firewall on your 05 TB Ext you want to power a radio transmitter in the cab?
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