Is there a smell from the vaginal area when you're pregnant?

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NO. If you have an unpleasant smell you probably have an infection. These are more common when you are pregnant but not usually serious. Get it checked.
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Can you get pregnant if you're a virgin and your boyfriend doesn't penetrate but his penis still comes in contact with the vaginal area?

Yes, you can. Pre-ejaculate fluids can impregnate a woman, so condoms should always be used, even with 'heavy petting'. Not only will this help prevent an unwanted pregnancy,

If sperm gets into the vaginal area will you get pregnant?

Answer : Not always, there is more to getting pregnant than just having sperm in the vagina. I suggest you look up the reproduction cycle for a woman on the net or at a librar
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How do you get of vaginal smell?

Eat nothin but fruit, wipe a little extra, and use soap that is for sensitive skin and make sure the soap smells good
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Why do you smell in the vaginal area?

You Could Have an infection called Thrush witch is very Normal n is not a sexual desease yu dnt have to have all the symtons to have it.
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Is it normal for a girls vaginal area to smell bad?

Sometimes, it can develop an odor. You must keep it clean REGULARLY to eliminate the smell. That includes , shaving pubic hair, washing internal and external areas of the vagi