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Not usually, but you are more prone to infection while pregnant so take a specimen of urine and have it tested. You have more vaginal discharge when pregnant but it should not smell so get it checked out.

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Q: Is there a smell from your urine or vagina when you are pregnant?
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Why does my vagina smell while I'm pregnant?

like urine and blood

Why would you have a urine smell coming from your vagina?

this is a urine passage

Why does your vagina smell like urine?

Cause that's where all the pee comes out.

Does your vagina smell different when your pregnant?

Mine did... it smelled really bad the whole time I was pregnant.

Is it normal to have a smelly vagina?

dear, it has to smell since the area is moist with residue urine,vaginal mucus discharge,sweat in addition the pubic hair acts as a collecting band and further enhances the smell. the healthy vagina will have tolerable smell

Is it normal for a vagina to smell bad when you are pregnant?

It is normal for every woman's vagina to have a unique smell but if it smells like rotten fish or something similar it might be an infection

Does your urine smell stronger if you are pregnant?

It might if you change the way you eat and drink. Just being pregnant alone does not change the urine in a way you can smell. Pregnancy does make the sense of smell stronger so the pregnant women may feel like it smells stronger (along with everything else).

What does a doctor do when you go see if you are pregnant?

He does a pregnancy test on you urine and then examines inside your vagina and will push on your uterus. They can feel if you're pregnant.

Does urine have a strong smell and dark color when pregnant?

No, the urine's smell and appearance don't change. This is how urine usually look in the morning since you haven't been for a long time and you also need to drink more.

Can semen make a vagina smell bad?

Yes it can give the vagina an odor. Semen has a smell and a vagina's have a smell so when that semen is sitting in the vagina, it causes a certain smell. Sometimes a light fishy.

Does your vagina supposed to smell like fish while you are pregnant?

no i doesnt suppose to smell like that but i guess every pregnancy is different. and you must always keep a good hygiene when being pregnant

Should my virgina smell different if im pregnant?

no a vagina smells the same either way, or it smell like "Tuna Of The Sea".

Does the smell of the vagina change when pregnant?

Yes. The entire thing does. I would not go by smell to find out if you are pregnant. If you cannot afford a pregnancy test, then go to your Health Department. It's free there.

What is the difference between vagina and urine hole?

The vagina is where the penis is inserted, the urine hole or "urethra" is above the vagina.

Does your urine smell different when you are pregnant?

It shouldn't if it does get to your doctor IMMEDIATELY so they can test you for infections or STDs hope this helps Good luck and God Bless!! no actually it can smell diffrent i red about a women that found out she was pregnant by the smell of her urine, she never had no symptoms before hoped that helpedd

What does urine smell like if pregnant?

it smells like normal peoples but much stronger and heavier

What is fruity urine smell?

A fruity urine smell is normally indicative of diabetes. The fruity smell is attributed to the presence of ketones in urine.

What is a vagina meant to smell like?

It is not "meant" to smell like anything. A foul smelling vagina means an unclean/infected vagina.

What is your diet lacking if you like the smell of gasoline and nail polish while you are pregnant?

Not sure about the gasoline part but if you have diabetes you can smell of acetone on the breath and urine. Check it at the doctors because it's a serious condition when you are pregnant.

Why would a vagina smell fine one night?

A vagina should smell fine most nights.

Why does my cat's urine smell like ammonia?

Its the natural smell of cat's urine

Can the smell of human urine damage your health?

The smell of urine can not damage your health.

Can a cat get pregnant from the vagina?

There is no other way for a mammal to get pregnant, besides the vagina.

What if your vagina has a smell what can this be?

it just means there are some vaginal fluids realising causing your vagina to smell in a certain way.

Why does a rabbit's urine smell really bad?

doesn't all urine smell bad?

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