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Yes there is.

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โˆ™ 2007-01-22 14:31:22
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Q: Is there a song by Skye called 'Love Show'?
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What is the song Love you Justin Bieber about?

acutally its not called "Love You" its called "Love Me" LOVE ME is about a girl he is in loves with and he wants her to show her love for him.

When was The Skye Boat Song created?

The Skye Boat Song was created in 1884.

What is the theme song for ''Love Connection''?

The theme song for Love Connection is simply called Love Connection Theme Song. It isn't famous apart from the show. The show aired from 1983 to 1994.

What tv show used the song on the wings of love?

The Bachelor did. The show was called, "The Bachelor-On the wings of love" because the bachelor was a pilot

What is the theme song for the Australian TV show Getaway?

It is called I Love You Jake

When was Human - Skye Sweetnam song - created?

Human - Skye Sweetnam song - was created in 2006.

Did the Naked Brothers Band have a song called what is love?

No they did not have a song called what is love..maybe your thinking of If That's Not Love.They had a song called that,but not what is love.

In which Pokemon episode will misty sing her love song?

Misty never sings the love song in the actual anime. It was a song performed in a musical stage show called, Pokémon Live!.

When was Show Me Love - Robyn song - created?

Show Me Love - Robyn song - was created in 1997.

What is the name of that song nick sings to penny on the show JONAS?

It is called "Give Love A Try".

What is the song that contains the word she gives you love love love?

the song with the lyrics love love love she is love she gives you love? that song is called she is love!

What song does Holt sing in series 2 episode 5 of the Cleveland show?

It's the opening song of Act 2 of the Broadway show, "RENT" called "Seasons of Love"

Who is Bret Micheals?

Bret Micheals was in the band poison and has a show called the Rock of Love. Also he has a song on Guitar III which is an awesome song.

When was Show Me Your Love - Fady Maalouf song - created?

Show Me Your Love - Fady Maalouf song - was created in 2009.

The song for the show apprentice was it written for the show or was it already a song?

The song is "For the love of Money",..recorded by the O'Jays in 1973.

Was the song I'd really love to see you tonight the theme song for a television show?

what t.v. show is the song i'd really love to see you tonight on?

Is there a song called 'Love Ready'?

i dont think but there's a song called "ready for love"

When was Show Me Love - Robin S. song - created?

Show Me Love - Robin S. song - was created in 1990.

Have ub40 had a song called its impossible?

No. The song is called Impossible Love

Who sings the song Billy Shakespeare?

skye sweetnam

What was the song that Nick Jonas was singing to the girl on the show?

It's called'Give Love A Try'Nick sings it to Penny in the Disney show 'JONAS'

Who sings the song show you how to love?


Candices song in WWE?

her song is called what love is

What is the best love song to show how much you love someone?

the song you write for the person you love it will make them happy cuz its from the heart

What is the song by Kesha that says love is your drug called?

your love is my drug. my fav. song