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Just about any type of horse can be trained to do barrel racing. Some horses are just naturally better at it then other horses. Usually you want a horse that is fast and can turn fast. Alot of people use QH and paints. I have Ridden a mustang and a paint in barrel racing and they both did very well.

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What is the most popular kind of horse racing?

Thoroughbred flat racing is the most popular type of horse racing. It is the type of racing done in most countries.

Is a tenesee walki g horse a good race horse?

It depends on the type of race. Flat and steeplechase race are for thoroughbredsbreds Barrel racing is Quarter horses.Barrel can be Tennessee walking horse though.

The best horses for barrel racing?

The best type of horse for barrel racing is one that is fast and athletic. Some of the most common breeds include the Quarter Horse, Arabian, and Paint. Also some good bloodlines include Dash Ta Fame, Fire Water Flit, Frenchmans Guy, and Some others

Dimensions of a horse racing track?

There's no specifics for a horse racing track. Horse race track dimensions vary according to the style of racing, the distances and the type of events as per the country's racing code.

What are TB horses?

thoroughbred, is a specific breed type of horse, they are long legged, sleek and fast; and are used in racing at the tracks for money.

What type of horse should you use for barrel racing?

try not to use a big bulky horse......try to use a small body shaped horse, that is fast. also the ryder needs to be good to so don't blame all on horsie

What is a tovero horse?

A tovero horse is a type of paint horse, "tovero" is a specific type of paint marking, to be more specific.

What type of animal was seabiscuit?

The legendary racing horse named seabiscuit was a HORSE. He was a thoroughbred :)

Does South Carolina offer Horse Racing wagering?

South Carolina does offer or allow horse racing wagering. They do have restrictions on this type of gambling. This state as well as several others do not allow online wagering of horse racing.

What sports is played sitting down?

Car racing (nascar) and horse racing.Chees... Poker... Polo... Car Racing... Boat Racing ... any type of jocked Racing...

Where can one find the best racing tips?

Depending on the type of racing in question. There are a variety of websites that give tips on horse racing, dog racing, and car racing. It depends on what you are looking for.

What does TB mean in horses?

Thoroughbred, is a specific breed type of horse, they are long legged, sleek and fast; and are used in racing at the tracks for money. It can also refer to Tuberculosis.

What horse are usd for?

Horses are used for many different things depending on where they are and what type they are. Some are used for jumping, barrel racing, horse racing, and polo. Larger Draft breeds are traditional used for pulling carts, plows, and carriages. Some are kept as pets, and others can also compete in reigning, dressage, ad endurance races.

What was the other type of horse race?

There's harness racing and flat out racing.... Flat out racing is most common in thoroughbreds, appaloosa's and quarter horses. Harness racing is saddlebreds.

What is a black type placed winner in thoroughbred horse racing?

A black type placed winner in thoroughbred racing would be a horse that is a winner of a race AND also finished 2nd or 3rd in a stakes race. The 2nd or 3rd in the stakes race is what give the horse the "black type placed" distinction.

Where can you download free horse racing video clips And not off of YouTube?

I get my videos from It's a good website and I use it all the time and I have alot of videos on youtube. try ie. It's a good website For horse racing video clips, you could try BBC motion gallery - Type that in google, when your at the site, in the search box type "Horse racing", sometimes you might have to specify what type of horse racing [Steeplechase, flat ect.]. The clips will leave a watermark in the middle.

What type of horse runs a lot?

There is no type of horse that likes to run more than the other, but Thoroughbreds and Quarter horses are generally the ones used for racing.

What type of racing is shown on Channel 4?

Channel 4 has been the home of horse racing for many years in the UK. Channel 4 has it's own website, blog and live video stream for avid fans of horse racing.

What type of sports do they play in Dublin?

Horse racing ,soccer,rugby,gaelic football

What type of horses are used for races?

There are different kinds of racing. The most common is Thoroughbred racing, which of course is what Thoroughbreds are bred for. There are trotters and the breed of horse is the Standardbred. Steeplechasing needs no specific breed but is usually Thoroughbred or Thoroughbred cross. Then different breeds have their own racing, AQHA, APHA,ApHA, Arabian.

What type of medication can be used for a horse that bleeds while racing?

Lasix are generally used for "bleeders"

Can you reverse a bet on horse racing?

In the US, typically no. In the UK I believe that this type of bet is offered.

Where can you find a free horse racing betting game?

If you have an ipod touch or iphone go to the app store and type in virtual horse racing and it shows a computer graphic horse head and there are 2 of them and they are the same but one is free and the other one costs.

What type of saddle is a barrel saddle?

It is used for a western sport called barrel racing where horses and their rider races aroung barrels trying to get the fastest time. Its lighter than a regular western saddle and the rider can sit well while the horse still makes sharp turns and sliding stops.

What is the fastest horse racing record?

I know what horse holds the world record,but not the actual record. If you want to know the record for the horse ,go to google and type in "secratariet".

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