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There are no "standard" deductions, but that doesn't mean you aren't owed some sort of consideration. What are the terms of your lease? Does it say you have to be out of the place during showings? If not, you may have some leverage to get a rent reduction for your inconvenience.


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what is the amount dedution for my medicare

we deduct amount of dtawing because the owner take the business goods or any type of asset for personal use.the owners this action reduce the business equity owing to this we should have to deduct the drawing amount from the capital

You can deduct about 500 dollars through car donation

Yes you can deduct standard mileage rate of 14 cents per mileage

Yes. Very much so. It isn't that you can deduct is (and was) that you can currently expense (rather than capitalize, and deduct through depreciation over years), up to an certain amount. That amount is being substantially increased.

You can, but unemployment will deduct the amount from your unemployment benefits

Depending on the laws of the state, an employer can deduct for Workman's Compensation. Deductions for federal programs such as Workman's Compensation and Social Security are standard deductions.

to deduct money from the payable amount of the policy

yes,attorney fees is valid expenditure , so you can deduct amount paid as fees. there must be valid receipt signed by attorney.In practical life attorney charges very big amount,but they don't give receipt of entire amount.

It is an American term meaning that a court or other public authority is able to deduct a specific amount or percentage of a persons wages or salary. In the UK, it is called a 'Deductions from earnings order'

Yes, but they will first deduct any amount you owe from what your refund would be.

You need to fix a certain amount as basic salary if you want to deduct PF. set a minimum number as basic salary and calculate PF on it. The remaining amount based on piece rate can be added a different component in the persons salary

The opposite of deduct is deposit.

If you owe back taxes, the IRS will automatically deduct that amount from your refund. Depending on that amount, you can only receive what is left from that deduction.

Yes but they will deduct a certain amount of trade in credit as a refurb fee

Yes you can claim childcare. As far as I know there is no set amount you can deduct.

On US income taxes, you are allowed to deduct charitable donations if you itemize deductions. There's a specific line on Schedule A for this that's pretty clearly labelled. If you don't itemize, you aren't allowed to deduct charitable donations. You are never allowed to deduct "giving money" in general... it has to be to a legitimately recognized charitable organization. Giving money to a specific person is not deductible; giving money earmarked for a specific person, even if you're technically giving it to a charitable organization, is also not deductible.

The answer is yes. You can deduct up to the amount you won from your taxes. For example, lets say you won $200 but you lost $300 in total. You can only deduct $200 from your taxes and not the full $300.

In the U.S. the general answer is yes, legally you are supposed to pay tax on any casino winnings. That said, you can also deduct losses up to the amount of your winnings. Your CPA should be able to give you more specific information.

If you are talking about your amount paid with your federal tax return, the answer is no. You cannot deduct your previous years federal income tax on your current years tax return. You can deduct on Schedule A the amount paid on your State income tax return if you itemize your taxes.

You deduct the actual amount you paid in property taxes during calendar year 2008, no matter what year it was for. If you paid it in 2008, you deduct it in 2008. Of course, you subtract any amount that the previous owner reimbursed you at closing.

Deduct means to subtract from. Deduct means to subtract from.

I'm going to deduct your allowance.

The antonyms for deduct is to add, to increase, to raise.

Yes. You can deduct the amount that the charity sells the car for from your federal income taxes.

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