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Is there a statute of limimations for an unpaid DUI from Oregon to stay on one's California record?

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Not sure for Oregon, but normally unpaid tickets do not have a statute of limitations. An unpaid fine can result in a warrant for your arrest in most instances, but sometimes the warrant is only for ajoining counties from which the citation was issued. Your best bet is to just pay the ticket to avoid problems further down the road. If you did the violation, just pay the repercussions

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What is the statute of limitation on criminal record in Oregon?

There is no statute of limitations on a criminal record. Once something is on there it remains there unless the court expunges it. The fact that you were convicted of a crime doesn't go away. It is one of the deterrents to doing crime, the criminal is branded as such for life.

What is the statute of limitations for DUI in CA?

If you have gotten a DUI in California, there is no statute of limitations that applies. Due process has occurred and the penalty assessed. It is a part of the criminal record and does not go away.

What is the statute of limitations of traffic tickets in California?

There is no statute of limitations on a traffic ticket. You violated a law and you were notified of it. They have as long to collect on the ticket as they care to track the ticket record and whether it has been resolved or not.

What is the statute of limitation for drug felony convictions in the state of California?

If you are referring to your criminal record, unless the convictions occurred prior to your 18th birthday they are permanent part of your criminal history record.

Do California warrants stay on your record for life?

The record of the fact that they were issued against you, yes. The warrants themselves will either become inactive when they are withdrawn or quashed, or the statute of limitations runs out on the offense you are charged with.

Statute of limitations for keeping important documents?

Documents are not subject to a statute of limitations. There are requirements to retain records that vary by state and by the type of record and who owns the record.

How long does a company have to file a judgment and how long does it stay on your record?

The statute of limitations to sue for a judgment will vary by state and the type of claim. For example, California has a 4-year statute of limitation for breach of written contract and judgments in California last for 10 years and are renewable. A judgment will stay on your credit so long as it is valid.

If you move to Oregon what happens to your Arizona DUI?

The DUI will transfer to your Oregon record.

What is the statute of limitations on driving with no proof of license in Arizona?

If you were issued a ticket, there is no statute of limitations. It can stay on your record forever.

Is it legal to record a conversation with another person in California?

is it legal to record a conversation on the phone in california? is it legal to record a conversation on the phone in california?

Can you clear your DUI record in Oregon?


What is the Statute of limitations for DUI convictions?

Statute of limitations are used to prevent charges from being brought. Once you are convicted, statute of limitations are not applicable. Once you are convicted, it is always on your record.

Is there a statute of limitation on a conviction?

Your record will reflect the conviction for life or until expunged. Once you have been convicted, no statute of limatiations applies.

How long does a DUI stay on your record in Oregon if you are convicted and did not complete diversion?

in the state of Oregon, a DUI will stay on your driving record for life. If you do complete a diversion, the charge will be dismissed but the arrest will still stay on your record.

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Does the statute of limitations apply to a recorded judgment?

No, there is no statute of limitations for a judgement. Once the judgement has been entered, it is a matter of record for historical purposes.

How long is statute of limitations for felony burglary conviction in Tennessee?

The statute of limitations does not apply to a conviction. It remains on your record forever, unless expunged.

How does a statute tell a judge what to decide?

a statute is just a guideline. the judge will sentence criminals based on their prior record, if they appeared remorseful....etc

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How can you get a felony charge off your record?

Every state has an expungement statute and if you qualifyyou may have one offense removed from your record.

What is FL penal code 812.1350?

Unable to find any record of such a statute.

What is the statute of limitations on drunk driving in Indiana?

In what respect? If a ticket was issued there is no statute of limitations. How long does it remain on your record? Some states never remove them.

What is the statute of limitations on a moving violation in the District of Columbia?

There is no statute of limitations on moving violations in the District of Columbia. It stays on the record until the citation is paid.

Does okla have statute of limitation on DUI charges?

If you have not been tried, there is no statute of limitations. If you have been convicted a DUI usually stays on your record for ten years.