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In Sewing
Try spelling it "crewel" and see what you find! It's basically a form of embroidery that originally used wool threads on a tightly woven fabric.
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What is a stitch?

It depends on what kind of stitch you're talking about: Sewing stitch: A single complete movement of a threaded needle insewing. Stitching holds two fabrics together Medical stitch: A single complete movementin medical suturing. Astitch holds skin together. Pain stitch: A sudden sharp pain, espec ( Full Answer )

What is theater of the Cruel?

Answer . Theatre of the Cruel is a book/manifesto by genius Antonin Artaud in which he muses over the "theater."

Why are people cruel?

All faculties are in mankind in rudimentary or latent state and may outcrop according with more or less propitious circumstances. An excessively grow of some prevent or neutralize the other´s. Over exciting of material instincts asphyxiates the moral sense as well as the development of the last g ( Full Answer )

Are zoos cruel?

In a way they are keeping them from the wild and making them be a show. But on the other hand these animals are endangered and breeding them helps keep the number of them up. And if they lived in a rainforest they could have been killed so they have saved there lives so there not cruel

Why is love cruel?

Love is not cruel but can be heartbreaking - but that is what love is all about, trial and error. You keeping trying until you are lucky enough to find what you are looking for - a game of chance. Think of it this way if we didn't feel hurt or sad how would we know how good it feels to be happy and ( Full Answer )

How do you spell cruel?

That is the correct spelling of the adjective "cruel" (mean, evil). The near-homonym is "crewel" (decorative surface embroidery)

What rhymes with cruel?

duel. stool. fuel. ghoul. jewel. cool. drool. fool. school. tool. drool. pool. rule. spool. \nfuel. school drool fool pool cruel cruel wool tool

Why was Hitler cruel?

Hitler was cruel because he wanted power and he was willing to do anything to get power. Also Because he did not like anyone that was not as he put it the perfect race blonde hair and blue eyes and over 6ft tall so he thought everyone else were not as good as them

Is there going to be a Lilo and Stitch five.If so what will it be called?

Here is more details about the Japanese movie stitch . The show is animated and co-produced by the Japanese animation house Madhouse LTD. [2] [3] [4] At the 2008 Tokyo International Anime Fair, the pilot for the series was showcased for attendees at the Madhouse booth. Information was also s ( Full Answer )

Is the sixth book in the third warriors series called Cruel Season or Sunrise?

The new title of the book is Sunrise because the editor, Vicky Holmes thought Cruel Season sounded like a sad way to end The Power Of Three series. I still think cruel season sounds cooler.. ^^It should be called Cruel Season. Take a look at this.. WARRIOR LEAK! . ~Lionblaze becomes the leader of ( Full Answer )

What is the thing called applique and slip stitch?

An appliqué is a small motif, mostly used for decoration. Slip stitch is where you insert your hook into the next stitch, yarn over and pull through the two loops on the hook. It doesn't add any height, but it is mostly used to join stitches together.

Why were the Spartans cruel?

They were a military state, focused on creating supreme warriors. However, their state was also focused on doing "what was right"... Much like the greek custom of Xenia. One philosopher (Xenophon) once noted that at an olympic games, an elderly man was looking for a seat and the Spartans stood up fo ( Full Answer )

Is sex cruel?

sex isn't cruel...RAPE is cruel. Forcing someone to have sex with u is illegal and considered rape. As long as you say no and resist then its RAPE. If u don't wanna do and they make u then that is RAPE. That is Cruel!

What is a knitting stitch called?

There are 2 basic knitting stitches: stockinette stitch and garter stitch. The stockinette stitch is where you knit one side and purl the other which gives you a smooth side and a bumpy side. Garter stitch is where you knit every row which gives you a bumpy look on both sides.

These undo stitches and are sometimes called quick unpick or a seam ripper?

This is called a quick unpick...which is very sharp. But a seam ripper is the WORST TOOL INVENTED TO MAN!! It breaks very easily and and breaks your project... I recommend you not use the seam ripper and use the quick unpick (even though it's sharp). I'm telling you the seam ripper is dangero ( Full Answer )

What did Stalin do that was cruel?

Created the Gulags, which were slave labor camps where he sent people who talked openly about their discontent with the government, as well as those who opposed communism. The Gulags killed over 12 million people.

Why is the iditarod cruel?

it isn't. every check point the dogs are fed a warm meal and checked out by vets. it could be... i heard that they kill the dogs if they do not meet or exceed standards. I also read theese facts on the web: Many of the dogs in the Iditarod suffer from stress, pneumonia, gastric ulcers, or "Sud ( Full Answer )

When to get stitches out?

Absorbable sutures (stiches) rapidly break down in the tissues and lose their strength within 60 days; thus, they don't have to be removed. In general, these are used internally or in special areas such as the inside of the mouth.. Nonabsorbable sutures maintain their strength for longer than 60 ( Full Answer )

Is cruel a noun?

No, the word 'cruel' is an adjective , a word used todescribe a noun. The noun forms of the adjective 'cruel' are cruelness and cruelty.

What is a cruel humor?

Cruel Humor is: . Turning someone on then leaving . shooting a man with a gun then laughing . Impregnating a girl with semen . raping a lesbian without telling them you are gay

Was khufu cruel?

Yes. He enslaved 100,000 of his people and made them work for 20 years to build his Great Pyramid.

Are lions cruel?

No not necessarily true there only cruel if you are messing with there young or in there territory they will strike and can seem cruel.

Is Miley cruel?

well that's more a opinion answer so in my opinion yes she is she is a wanna be and she is fake always changing herself for guys she needs to grow up i think in my personal opinion she should have stayed with nick Jonas!

Are stepmoms cruel?

Yes and No. Just because she is in Cinderella doesn't mean they are bad. They can be good or bad.

What is cross stitch fabric called?

There are many different types of fabric that can be used for cross stitching. Some of them are: . Aida, Linen, Jobelan, Lugana, Jubilee, Evenweave fabric, as well as Fiddler's Cloth and Waste Canvas..

What is cruel in Greek?

Not a word "creul" in Greek language. If you're asking for "cruel" translated into Greek, here it is: Cruel = ΣΚΛΗΡΟΣ, ΑΝΕΛΕΗΤΟΣ ( = Annihilator ), ΑΡΜΑΓΕΔΔΩΝ (Armageddon, EL AMARGADO* = The embitterer, The provider of bi ( Full Answer )

What is the stitch width for a straight stitch?

Do you mean stitch width or stitch length? If you are talking about the width, there wouldn't be any because it's just straight. If you are asking about length then it would depend on what type of fabric you are using, as well as what you are making. If you are going to top stitch then the length wo ( Full Answer )

What is a word for cruel?

atrocious , barbarous, bestial, bitter , bloodthirsty, brutal , brutish, callous , cold-blooded, degenerate , demoniac, depraved , evil , excruciating , ferocious , fierce , flinty, hard , hard-hearted, harsh , hateful , heartless , hellish, implacable , inexorable , inhuman , inhumane, ( Full Answer )

How do you get a stitch?

Depends on what kind of stitch. Medical stitches: Go skateboarding. That usually does the trick. Clothing stitches: Same thing, but wear long clothes Side stitch: Spend years consuming Twinkies and playing WOW, attempt marathon. Stitch from Lilo and Stitch: Go to Disneyland, buy plush.

Where can you get stitches?

Get a sewing machine and sew stitches with the sewing machine. If you dont know how to sew get someone to teach you or look on youtube

Can you sue for a cruel prank call?

yes you can, you can sue for pain and suffering if it has done that. but first you would have to find out who it was by going to the police of your phone comapany and finding out the number, its a big trouble but it is possible

Is circumcision cruel?

The procedure is typically done on a newborn for religious reasonsin the Jewish and Muslim communities. In the USA, it is also doneon people who claim to be Christians, despite the New Testamentscriptures that condemn it. Rarely, it is done to fix a medicalproblem that cannot be fixed any other way. ( Full Answer )

Who is the enemy of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch?

In the original Disney animated movie "Lilo and Stitch," there is actually more than one villain. In the beginning, Stitch escapes from outer space and accidentally lands on Earth. He is followed to Earth by Jumba, an evil scientist and creator of Stitch. Jumba is accompanied by Pleakly, an officer ( Full Answer )

What is the plural of cruel?

Cruel can be used as an adjective or verb andtherefore has no plural form. The corresponding nouns are cruelness and cruelty . The plural form of the noun 'cruelty' is cruelties . The noun 'cruelness' is an uncountable noun, a word for a quality.

Is hades cruel?

Some people might think so, but I would say no. Hades is a very fair and just God, he can be stern at times and seem cold. But he is never cruel.

When a person calls anybody a freak do they understand it is a cruel thing to say?

Some people don't understand how deep words can cut, while others only use words like "freak" jokingly with people they truly know will understand it isn't from spite. Also, not all words hold the same meaning in insult or praise for people, even when speaking the same language. Sometimes it's ( Full Answer )

What is a whip stitch stitch?

A whip stitch in crochet means to thread a yarn needle with yarn and "sew" essentially. For instance, if you make an applique such as a truck, and wish to put it onto a blanket, you would thread your yarn needle with matching yarn, begin underneath, and stitch it to the blanket as you would sew a pa ( Full Answer )

Who is cruel to animals?

In most Asian (Oriental) countries, people eat a lot of animals. Inchina, they eat any animal that moves. They will eat any thing onfour legs, except the table. In japan, whale and dolphin hunting isvery common. In southeast asia, people eat snakes and lizards.