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Replace the line that is leaking, and do not try any stop leak.

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Q: Is there a stop leak for gas lines?
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Need to know why gas fumes wont stop?

Gas leak.

There is a gas smell coming from your engine what could that be?

Gas leak. Very dangerous situation. Stop driving this car until you find the leak.

What cause a car fuel tank to leak gas?

small hole in the tank or in lines ..even rusted lines

Will a gas line leak stop a car from starting?

Only if the leak is large enough that enough gas is not getting to the engine. Otherwise, it should run but very poorly.

How do you stop gas leak on Honda xr70?

if it is on the carbrator the float could be stuck

How can you stop a leak in a gas tank inlet hose?

There are a number of measures that you can take to stop a leak in a gas tank inlet hose. You should ensure that both ends are fastened properly and sealed so as there would be no leaks.

Will gas leak inside a Honda civic if there is a gas leak?

yes they did have a gas leak

Would vac leak stop your truck from getting good gas mileage?

Yes, a vacuum leak will be detrimental to fuel mileage.

What cause gas to leak from front of gas tank?

Probably not the tank but the fill tube, or fuel lines coming from the fuel pump

How do you find a minor gas leak in a 1985 Chevy Caprice Wagon with a minor fuel leak?

Check and tighten all fittings Check fuel lines and tank for signs of leak

How much should it cost to repair a house pipe gas leak?

With testing of all the lines $26,000

What is in front of the gas tank on a 93 dodge shadow that would leak gas?

The fuel filter and lines are in front of the tank on a Dodge Shadow.

2002 ford escape smells of gas when it is started and it has been using a lot more gas lately what could be the problem?

You could have a leak in your gas lines somewhere. My guess is when you start your vehicle and the fuel pump is operational, the pressure is forcing gas through a small pinhole leak. Check any fuel lines that are rubber for cracks, wear, breaks and replace as needed.

What should you do if you smell gas when the heater of your 1999 Ford Taurus is on but can find no leak in the lines?

replace the carbon canister

What will stop a water leak?

Repair the pipe of fixture to stop your leak.

Why does my 1999 Cadillac Catera stays in 4th gear after i come to a stop?

Vaccum leak or bad gas!

Could rusty rear heater lines lead to a leak?

Yes the lines can leak when they rust through.

How do you fix an evaporative emission control system leak in 98 dodge caravan?

You are looking for a vapor leak from the fuel system. Check the gas cap, lines and hoses from the tank to the engine.

What is code P0455 on a Dodge Durango?

Large emission vapor leak. Check the gas cap and all lines from the tank to the engine.

How do you know if ihave a gas leak?

Do a tightness test on your gas meter and the presure will drop if you have a leak.

Smell of gas?

If you smell gas from your vehicle it probably indicates a leak. Even a tiny leak will produce a fuel smell. If there is nothing obvious leaking from the fuel lines, pull the vacuum hose off the fuel pressure regulator, if there is any smell of fuel there or if gas is present, it is leaking and needs to be replaced.

Why is it important to have gas appliances checked regularly?

If you mean gas as in vehicles, then yes. If you were to have a leak or a dirty fuel filter, this could damage your gas lines or pump. If you have your fuel pumped replaces they will need to replace all of the lines as well. This means it will cost you about 400 dollars and its not a job you can do yourself.

Where would you look for a gas leak for natural gas and propane to dissipate?

gas lines going to the furnice, gas train, gas valve, all by burners, but to check corectly you need a lighter (not recommended but still used by old school guys) or a gas detector.

How do you fix thre leak on the back of the gas tank were the fuel lines and wire go into it is there a gasket?

If your refurring to the fuel pump then yes, there is a gasket for it.

You smell gas sometimes when driving your 98 Oldsmobile eighty-eight. A mechanic said that its a gas leak but doesnt know where. What are the possible reasons for a gas leak with this vehicle?

Okay, a fuel leak can occur at any point in the fuel lines, which on an olds are probably alluminum pipes from the tank to the firewall, at which point they turn to a rubber hose to the injectors or carbeuretor. (You have injectors). If you want to find it yourself, grab a few rags, some flour, and a few hours free time. Follow the fuel lines from the gas tank, and wipe them clean and dry. Dip out some flower, and coat the lines. Anywhere fuel leaks after running the lines should be visible as a wet flour clump.