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cupcakes, lemonade, cookies

I get my Japanese erasers from a kid toy store called Learning Express Toys

Kid carriers are called Kid carriers.

A young goat still with its mother is called a kid.It is called a "kid"a kidKidsA young goat is called a kid.

Each child gets 2 cookies because 6/3 = 2.6|3=2 or 3x2=6

Kid in a candy store refers to the kid being excited, hyper, and uncontrollable because they are so excited about the candy.

Be like a kid in a candy store To be very happy and excited about the things around you, and often to react to them in a way which is silly and not controlled You should have seen him when they arrived.Example:He was like a kid in a candy store.

Kid in a Candy Store - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-G

A young Goat is called a kid

A young goat is called a kid. A female kid is called a doeling, and an uncastrated male is called a buckling. When he's castrated, he becomes a wether.

When a sheep has a lamb its called lambing When a goat has a kid it is called kidding

You get the answer by shoving cookies up your butt hole and say I'm a stupid kid.

Anyone who has paper money can buy a toy from a store.

you get the anti freeze from the store. ps the kid is fregley.

It will be called Diary of a wimpy kid combat.

A baby goat goat is called a kid kid :)

A baby sheep is called a lamb. A baby goat is called a kid.

You want to have fun with your kids. Some ideas are chocolate chip, sugar, ginger, almond raisin cookies. You can get more ideas at���kidsrecipes.htm

Poop Cookie. edit: its really cookie poop. did you know that cookies pooped?

The most I ever got was five, but I was not in a contest at the time.

They Are Called A Kid!!Baby: KIDMom: DOEDad: BUCK

A snow vehicle with the letters kid in it is called a Skidoo

A young goatis called a kid.A female kid is called a doeling, and an uncastrated male is called a buckling.

The cast of Kid in a Candy Store - 2010 includes: Adam Gertler as Himself - Host Samantha Turk

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