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As a representative of Valplast International Corp., i would like to add to this answer by mentioning that to date, we have yet to find any substitutes for Val-Clean Concentrated Denture Cleaner. Val-Clean is the safest and most effective cleaner to maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene for your Valplast denture. Valplast partials come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage and fracture and only Val-Clean should be used to maintain this warranty and prolong the lifespan of your Valplast denture. Valplast may be ordered directly by calling Valplast Support services toll-free at 1-888-325-3260 (United States). For International orders, please visit our website to locate the authorized Val-clean distributor for your country ( Valplast manufactures its own cleanser as well as a sonic cleaner. They can both be found at the valplast website. (

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Q: Is there a substitute cleanser for the Valplast partial?
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Can additional teeth be added to a Valplast partial denture?

Yes, teeth can be added to valplast partials.

Dark spot on valplast partial?

A dark spot on a valplast partial could be a stain. The easiest thing to do would be to take it to a dentist for a professional cleaning.

What is a valplast partial denture?

valplast is a brand of denture made from specific metal & acrylic to embed false ceramic teeth.A partial denture is made for one or teeth.The complete denture embeds complete set of upper /lower teeth.

What is partial denture?

A partial denture is a metal and acrylic appliance that replaces missing teeth. It is attached to whatever remaining teeth are in the upper or lower arch. Valplast is the brand.

Is a valplast upgrade partial or a 'lower fulcrum metal' partial better for 2 missing molars on either side of the lower jaw?

This needs an answer from a qualified dentist.

Do you make dentures both complete upper and lower in valplast/flexible?

can valplast be used for upper and lower complete sets of dentures

Can you sleep with valplast partial dentures?

It is always recommended that you leave any type of denture out of your mouth at night when you sleep! Leaving a denture in at night increases your chances of developing sores or infections in your mouth.

Can the teeth in a Valplast partial break or break out?

break out The teeth (usually made from acrylic) are bonded to the partial using mechanical interlocks. When properly fabricated, the bond is extremely strong. But in some cases the teeth themselves might crack or weaken and can then separate. In those cases, a dentist can send the partial to a qualified dental lab to have the tooth reattached or replaced.

Can you order valplast cleaner from amazon?

Valplast is another word for dentures. Amazon offers a variety of denture cleaners including Efferdent and Fixodent Denture Cleaner.

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I have a partial upper denture that is missing 2 teeth.I have one of them but swallowed the other. Can you repair this denture If so, where would I go/My zip is 34293?

why not try MOUTHGLOVE hun? You can get a complete denture or complete NEW PAIR of dentures even expensive VALPLAST, if you dont mind making your own mold....and save literally THOUSANDS!!!!! Im not kidding i am SOOO SO O thrilled to be able to have a VALPLAST (invisible) lower partial that otherwise would have slipped up, slipped off and showed my clasps and more.... When i had to get one more tooth removed i took this option. My first metal partial cost me 1600.00 . This one is a VALPLAST Its invisible. LITERALLY. Its beautifully made and assembled w the greatest of utmost care AND.....its cheap!!! Dr Heinz works w you on payments!!! One drawback.... His lab is s l o w. He will tell you 2 weeks and it ends up being much longer. BUT ...hey. If you arent in a rush and dont have tons of money to throw away. a valplast is 2500. From him it is 349 and he works w you on payments. try MouthGlove. I dont know why but my post didnt go thru

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