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Is there a substitute cleanser for the Valplast partial?


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2007-11-27 03:55:41
2007-11-27 03:55:41

As a representative of Valplast International Corp., i would like to add to this answer by mentioning that to date, we have yet to find any substitutes for Val-Clean Concentrated Denture Cleaner. Val-Clean is the safest and most effective cleaner to maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene for your Valplast denture. Valplast partials come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage and fracture and only Val-Clean should be used to maintain this warranty and prolong the lifespan of your Valplast denture. Valplast may be ordered directly by calling Valplast Support services toll-free at 1-888-325-3260 (United States). For International orders, please visit our website to locate the authorized Val-clean distributor for your country ( Valplast manufactures its own cleanser as well as a sonic cleaner. They can both be found at the valplast website. (


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Yes, teeth can be added to valplast partials.

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A dark spot on a valplast partial could be a stain. The easiest thing to do would be to take it to a dentist for a professional cleaning.

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valplast is a brand of denture made from specific metal & acrylic to embed false ceramic teeth.A partial denture is made for one or teeth.The complete denture embeds complete set of upper /lower teeth.

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A partial denture is a metal and acrylic appliance that replaces missing teeth. It is attached to whatever remaining teeth are in the upper or lower arch. Valplast is the brand.

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