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== == * People who make money from "black magic" such as the late Alister Crowley may claim to do things like that, but aside from being publicity hounds or being deranged, they have no reason to make such claims. == == * None that I'm aware of. That stuff exists only in books, movies, and perhaps the imaginations of twisted people. I know movies such as Freaky Friday portray people switching bodies, but that is solely for entertainment purposes, not to show you how to do magic. There's no proof of any real people switching bodies with each other. = = * We mortal humans actually know diddly with "beyond" and what one's mind and body is capable of doing and because we can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exists, but in this case I would have to say no. In our minds we can became someone other than ourselves, but not body-wise. However, what we have termed as "black magic" does exist in many countries and can be a great source of evil if misused (which it usually is.) == == * Yes, certain black magicians can switch bodies with other people and also allow you to switch bodies with somebody else. It is also has some connections with VOODOO SPELLS. It is also possible with true deep love, and quantum physics: == == * There's a tantric technique called "drong jug" (part of the six yoga's of Naropa) which is concerned with the transferal of consciousness into living or dead bodies. == == * Indeed there is but only those within the vampiric court can know. == == * I've never seen or felt or been switched to someone elses body, but magic.. probably is because I highly doubt that our world is just plain with no magic in the world. 'Black Magic" is different, but I think that it depends if your religion or culture believes in it. There were some stories or tales about body switching but that might just be a fib. I honestly am scared to try any spells, just to be on the safe side. If you truly want to try something as dangerous as that then go ahead. But remember make sure you have a spell to switch you back!

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Q: Is there a such thing as black magic spells that allow you to switch bodies with someone else?
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