Is there a such thing as zombies?


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yes if we go hungery we will turn on each other


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No, there are no such thing as zombies.

there is no such thing as zombies

There is no such thing as a zombie.

No, because theirs none such a thing as zombies.

There's no such thing. Sorry.

you can face aliens in the "mothership zeta" expansion and as for zombies the closest thing to them is the feral ghouls which are practically zombies.

No, There are no such thing as zombies! Although the sand cat may look like one ^_^

There is no such thing, such as a zombie because they are a myth.

there is no such thing as zombies

IT is impossible for zombies to take over when theBrian dies every thing dies. They cant breath ether

Reported cases of "zombies" have come out of Haiti. Reanimated corpses of the dead, however, are a thing of myth.

you go to cooperative then push the thing that sais zombies and you will be ready to play at nacht der untoten

There's no such thing as zombies and there never will be a zombie Apocalypse.

WELL basically ... no there is no such thing but if any thing is religious only those people will believe in them

Sorry, but there is no such thing for ps2, call of duty, that has Nazi zombies. It's only for computers, xbox360, and ps3.

i was wondering the same thing

no i wish it did but thats a new thing

it is not complete since is is not a real thing

Never. There really is no such thing as zombies, sorry.

They weren't exactly zombies but had a thing inside of them that pretty much made them close enough to zombies. I think that they may come back again but the normal zombies are what resident evil started with and they will probably still keep them for other future games.

Life force is the thing that helps you to not get lifeless zombies. You get it from decorations, and the more life force you have, the less of a chance there is to get lifeless zombies. However, the only way to never get lifeless zombies is to get the zombie monolith.

No. Life force simply reduces, but doesn't eliminate completely, the risk of harvesting lifeless zombies. The larger your life force, the more likely your zombies are to be "alive" if there is such a thing for zombies.

Only in the Black Ops Zombie mode and similar games

Nerd Rage - 2011 Arkham City The Thing and Zombies 1-15 was released on: USA: 19 October 2011

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