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Q: Is there a sugar free drink mix that doesn't have aspartame or Splenda as an ingredient?
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What is the main ingredient in a frizzy drink?

Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) dissolved in the drink makes it frizzy. Apart from that, Artificial Sweeteners like aspartame and Flavours (generally esters) are used in drinks.

Does Stevia contain aspartame?

Pure stevia does not contain aspartame. Stevia is a natural product and aspartame is not; however, that does not mean that a food or drink product cannot contain both stevia and aspartame.

What drinks have no aspartame?

Aspartame tends to be in most diet drinks, however there are several on the market today with splenda instead.I've found Diet Rite soda to be the easiest to find, it has several different flavors, all made with splenda instead of aspartame. However, my local wal-mart also has splenda coke, and it seems to be more of a market test at the moment. If it does well enough, you may be able to find other coke products made with splenda as well in the future.Aspartame has lots of names. Sucralose is one of them. Sucralose is in splenda and has the same effects as aspartame.For more information: Read the book "Sweet Poison" by Janet Starr Hull, and check out her website to learn more. This book saved my life. To visit her website go to the Related Links.Personal Experience:At 37 yrs old, I was misdiagnosed with cancer, multiple strokes, and MS from Aspartame Poisoning. I read every label very carefully now. Do not drink ANYTHING diet, light, sugar-free, fat-free, low-fat, etc. They all have this horrible chemical in them. You may not have the symptoms, but it's killing you anyway.

Is it safe for diabetics to drink aspartame?

Though aspartame is supposed to be safe and is not a sugar, there is evidence that it is not safe for consumption for consumers in general. Before consuming drinks that contain aspartame, consult your doctor or a nutritionist.

Is diet cola safe to drink?

No it is not safe to drink. Most diet cola drinks have aspartame which is an artificial sweetener. Aspartame has been known to cause brain cancer and other neurological problems. Please do not drink diet cola. If you must drink diet soda limit the amount you consume.

Why is coke zero better for you then coca cola?

Coke zero isn't necessarily better than regular or diet coke. The main difference between them is the sweetening agent (sugar or corn syrup or aspartame or splenda). If your weight is not a problem than you don't neeed a diet drink, otherwise a diet drink may help. Some people choose their drink by flavor preference as the different sweeteners impart specific flavors to the drink.

What soda does Obama drink?

he doesnt drink soda

What is the active ingredient of an alcoholic drink?

If we regard an alcoholic drink as a form of medication, then the active ingredient is ethyl alcohol. If we regard it is just a drink, then the term "active indredient" would not apply.

What is the main ingredient in a vitamin c drink?


What Energy drink makes you hyper?


Does Jared Leto smoke?

No no Jared doesnt smoke, drink or do drugs. he used to smoke and drink but doesnt now.

Does justin bieber drink coffee?

No he doesnt drink coffee but he drink ice caps

What is in a can of soft drink?

It depends exactly which soft drink it is but in every case the main ingredient is water.

A frappe is a drink that always contains what ingredient?

Crushed Ice

What is Tom Parker's favorite alcoholic drink?

he doesnt drink alchohol

How much sugar is in a soft drink?

That depends on which drink your talking about. Many drinks vary on just how much sugar is used. Some soft drinks use artificial sweetener (such as aspartame, splenda, or acesulfame potassium) meaning they have no sugar at all. I have heard, however, that 9 teaspoons of sugar in an 11-ounce can is typical however this varies with brand and type. Diet brand Soft drinks usually have less.

What runs but doesnt walk and you can drink it'?


How does a flower drink water?

it doesnt drink absorbs the water with its roots from the ground!

What ingredient makes the soft drink fizzy?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Can not urinate?

drink more........if this doesnt work you will explode

Which animal doesnt drink water?

Koala bears.

How does ice cool the drink at the bottom of the glass?

it doesnt

Does a paralyzer contain a soft drink?

Yes, one ingredient is Coca Cola.

What is the difference between brand name and generic name sodas?

Nothing really actually. Different brands use different sweeteners, but as a general rule they all have sugar or if it be diet, aspartame or splenda. Aspartame can make the drink taste very synthetic in my opinion. Anyways, the only noticeable difference comes from cola products in which there are varying levels of actual Cola Syrup. Coke uses a lot more than most brands which is why people tend to describe it as having a "weird feeling" on their teeth.

Does Bulgaria drink orange juice?

Bulgaria doesnt but the bulgarians do drink alot of orange juice