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Is there a super charger or a turbo for a crossfire fuel injection 305?

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Yes, both. Check at your local auto parts store.

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What is better a super charger or a turbo charger?

turbo chargers

Do turbo charger and super charger require higher octane fuel?

Yes, how high depends on the amount of boost and if the system has an intercooler or meth injection.

Can you put a turbo charger a on a dodge charger?

Turbo chargers and Super chargers will both fit on Dodge Chargers

What is different between turbo charger and super charger?

The turbo charger is powered from the cars exhaust gases this is why you get turbo lag the super charger is powerd directly from the cars crank shaft therefor it builds up speed instantly so there is no lag the power is there right away

What does turbo charger do in diesel engines?

a turbo charger unlike a super charger sucks in air releasing pressure ie in the form of a waste gate. unlike a super charger a turbo does not use horse power to generate horse power. differences from gas to diesel doesnt change

Can you put a super charger on a 3.5 V6 engine?

Yes, several companies make super- and turbo-chargers for all of the Charger engines.

How can you add extra horsepower to a car?


How do you improve hp of a car?

add ing a super charger or a turbo

What does VCDi mean on cars?

VCDi(Variable Geometry Turbo Charger Common Rail Diesel Injection) engine

Is a turbo the same as a turbo charger?

In the case of engines, turbo is used as a contracted name for the turbo charger.

Where is the location of turbo super charger boost sensor 2001 Volvo s40?

where is the turbo super boost sensor located onth 2001 S60 24 T

What makes my Jeep Engine rev up to 2200 rpm on start up?

may be use a super charger or a turbo charger

Can you put a turbo charger or super charger on a 1997 Ford Ranger XLT with the 2.3 liter engine with dual spark plugs?


Whistling noise when you get to 2000 revs?

If your car has a turbo charger it is probably the turbo charger.

What is code 045 on the dashboard of a s60 t5?

Turbo/Super charger boost solenoid circuitA open

Can you put a Turbo in a 1995 VW Passat VR6 GLX?

Yes you can. They can handle a super charger as well.

What does TDI means in cars?

Turbo Diesel Injection. NO! it means TURBO DIRECT INJECTION.

What are the basic types of turbo charger?

There are several types of turbo chargers. · Single Turbo · Twin turbo · Twin Scroll turbo or Divided turbochargers · Variable Geometry turbo. · Twin charger

Can you put a turbo charger on a crate engine?

Yes, you can put a turbo charger on just about any engine.

What does a super charger do?

A supercharger forces compressed air into your engine. Just like a turbo but a turbo is spooled up by exhaust gas a supercharger is wound up by a belt.

Difference between pro charger and turbo charger?

Ya mum

What is Spooling turbo chargers?

Any turbo-charger that spins pressurised air into the cylinder makes a high pitched spooling sound is called a spooling turbo charger.

Will a turbo charger save gas?


What is the difference between a super and turbo charger?

supercharger is belt/gear driven of the motor, the turbocharger is driven by exhaust gases from the exhaust.

Is the Mazda Premacy Sport 2ltr petrol engine fitted with either Fuel Injection or a Turbo?

fuel injection yes, turbo no