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According to the 1995 Tracer's Owner Guide (page 241): Overdrive is the usual driving position for an automatic overdrive transaxle(transmission). It works the same way D (Drive) works, AUTOMATICALLY upshifting or downshifting as the vehicle speeds or slows. However, Overdrive also shifts into a fourth gear (an overdrive gear) when your vehicle cruises at a consistent speed for any length of time (like on the Interstate). Overdrive will increase your fuel economy when you are traveling at cruise speeds (usually 50mph or higher). But, Overdrive may not be appropriate for certain terrain such as hilly or mountainous roads because the transaxle (transmission) automatically shifts back and forth between 3rd and 4th gears while doing this type of driving. Therefore, it is recommended if your car is continously climbing hills/mountains (which requires additional power) then you should shift to D (Drive).

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Q: Is there a switch to turn on overdrive in a 1995 Mercury Tracer or is it in transmission itself?
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First the gear could be out. The other issue could be with the linkage itself in the transmission thus it won't go into overdrive.

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It is actually inside the transmission itself. You get to it be removing the transmission pan.

What can be wrong if you can't get the overdrive to come off?

Take it in. There is either a problem with your transmission or with the overdrive switch itself. Overdrive switch should be a lot cheaper to fix. I'm assuming the light not only goes on, but the overdrive physically turns off as well when the light is on.

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Where is the brake switch located in a 96 mercury tracer?

typically above the brake pedal a large bar that goes to the master cylinder pushes a button. if not there then somewhere on the master cylinder itself. -mechanic for 7+ years

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Why does1998 ford explorier overdrive turns on by itself?

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How do you adjust the E-Brake on your 1997 mercury Tracer?

Generally this can be done by adjusting the cable at the handle itself. Probably a nut that needs to be loosened to pull some slack out and re-tighten. However, if it has a lot of slack then the cable is probably shot, or the rear brakes need to be repaired.

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