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`Neurotypical people` are what none Autistic Spectrum`disordered` people are considered to be. It has been said that if it were not for those for instance having Asperger`s that mankind would still be sitting around the fire talking, & that the people with Asperger`s are the ones who went off & created new inventions, indeed it is now thought that Einstein himself had Asperger`s for instance. Asperger`s is a `hidden` disability, we look `normal` (whatever that means), & indeed people on this section of the Autistic spectrum have average, or above average IQ`s, although just how one tests the IQ of an Autistic person with no speech I do not know. However are brains function differently to `neurotypical persons`,& one of our main difficulties is socializing, & that can lead to a very lonely life, indeed females are more likely to be misdiagnosed as depressed, which they no doubt are as well, but the root cause of this an be Asperger`s. There are some very well known & successful people with Asperger`s, but they are the exception rather than the rule. Despite films like `Rainman` Autism is still not widely known about, let alone what it means to have an Autistic Spectrum `Disorder, indeed `Rainman` might have caused more confusion in the general public, as `Idiot Savant`, as people like the person portrayed in the film are extremely rare & no-one understands where their particular amazing abilities in a particular field stem from. The general public tends to consider us `wierd``Viva la difference` I say, after all where would we be without Einstein, Newton, another thought in retrospect to have had Asperger`s. It is often misstakenly considered to be a male `condition`, but due to females tending to be more socialable creatures it goes under diagnosed in females. There also tends to be an hereditary factor involved, which makes a mockery of those who think that people like me don`t ever marry, not all Autistic Spectrum `Disordered people are born out of wedlock!!

Indeed if Hans Asperger had not been Austrian, like Hitler himself more notice would have been taken of his findings, but because of Hitler, he was ignored for many years, certainly in Europe, I don`t know about America as an American Doctor was making the same discoveries at the same time as Dr Hans Asperger. what we do know now is that brain imaging can discover it in very young infants, & the earlier the intervention & appropriate help a child receives the better & more likely they are to have a happy & successfull life. Who knows the discoveries that are being made using umbilical blood that has been `banked` at birth, has been shown to reverse the effects of Cerebal Palsy for instance, maybe it could help in Autistic Spectrum `Disorders`?, & unlike umbilical cord blood from someone else there aren`t any complications that this potentially could cause. As things stand in the UK, even those with Asperger`s are very unlikely to ever have a job, & with our current situation where it can run into the hundreds after a handfull of jobs, what chance do todays adults with Asperger`s have?

I admit that I do not know what you mean by a `symbol` for `neurotypical` people, but what I have written is what the difference is: & to sumerise it is those not on the `Autistic Spectrum`

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Q: Is there a symbol for neurotypical people?
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What careers can autistic people have?

Absolutely any career that a neurotypical people can have.

Can people with autism buy a house?

Yes - autistic people can do anything that neurotypical people can do.

Why do autistic kids act different?

Autistic children act differently to neurotypical children because they are different.Autistic people experience the world and interact with the world differently to neurotypical people. Autistic people lack social and communication skills of neurotypical people, and if you view neurotypical behaviour as the norm or ideal it looks as though autistic people are 'different'.

Can people with autism compete in amateur boxing?

Yes - autistic people can do anything that neurotypical people can do.

Is autism a mental illness?

No, Autism is a neurological difference.We Autistic people have different neurology to Neurotypical people - our brains work differently and are 'wired' differently. Just because our brains are different doesn't mean that they are ill or in any way inferior to the brains of Neurotypical people, we are not neurotypical gone wrong.

Why are autistic adults rude?

Why are neurotypical adults rude? Not all Autistic people are rude, to suggest otherwise is prejudice - often Autistic people are more polite than neurotypical people because they've had social skills training and are more sensitive to social rules than neurotypical people because they have to be in order to pass as neurotypical. Autistic people don't always understand social rules, such as being polite rather than being blunt or honest, this can sometimes come across as rude.

Do people with autism learn how to control their emotions?

Autistic people (not people with autism) do learn to control their emotions, they have to for the sake of their own sanity and ability to function. Autistic people experience emotions in different ways to Neurotypical people, Autistic people are also more empathetic than Neurotypical people, which can be overwhelming if not controlled.

Can autistic people get a driving license?

Yes, of course - autistic people are just as capable of getting a driving licence as neurotypical people.

What type of jobs do autistic people do?

Autistic people can do any type of job - although autistic people may be better with jobs that deal with logic and may be worse with jobs dealing with people, autistic people are expert in adapting so can take on many different roles. Remember autistic people are as varied as neurotypical people, we can do anything neurotypical people can.

Do all autism people act the same?

No, not all autistic people act the same - autistic people are as different and varied as neurotypical people. Like with neurotypical people all autistic people will share common traits, but once you meet one autistic person then you've met one autistic person...we're all very different.

Can an autistic adult live by themselves?

Yes - autistic people can do anything that neurotypical people can do. I'm autistic and have lived on my own for 7 years, I also moved away from home long before my neurotypical friends, and I'm even immigrating. We tend to prefer living alone.

Can a people with autism be good parents?

Yes, of course people with Autism can be good parents. Autistic people are as likely to be good parents as neurotypical people, if they have Autistic children then they are all the better for them than neurotypical parents would be as they understand what it's like to be Autistic. As many people with Autism are bullied they can help children to deal with similar problems too.

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