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The son of your half-brother's father is not related to you when the father is not your father.

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Q: Is there a term for the son of your half brother's father when he is not your father?
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Is your stepmoms son's from a different guy your stepbrother?

Yes. If they were from your father they would be your half-brothers.

Do half brothers have the same y dna?

Yes it is passed down from father to son

What man's father is your father's son?

Either your son or your nephew is the man.Your father's son is either you or your brother (including half-brother).If your father's son is you, then the original man is your son, (you are his father).If your father's son is your brother, then the original man is your nephew, (your brother is his father).Obviously if you have no brothers, than it must be your son.

Brothers and sister have you none but that mans father is your son?

He is your grandson. If his father is your son, he is your grandson.

Brothers of Caleb?

Otniel son of Knaz, he was half brother (from the same mothe but not father)

Who is the certain man when Brothers and sisters Have you none But a certain mans father is your fathers son?

My son. "My fathers son" is myself, if I don't have brothers and sisters.Therefore, "A certain man's father is my father's son" simplifies to "A certain man's father is myself".

Brothers and sisters you have non but that man's father is my father's son who is the man?

you have worded it incorrectly, brothers and sisters YOUhave none... then you say, that mans father is MY fathers son?????so you have described the first half of the sentence as someone else, and the second half as yourself!The correct wordind is:I look at a photo and say, Brothers and Sisters I have none, but this mans father, is my fathers son.who is the picture of?the answer being, it is a photo of who ever is looking at it (themself)!

Tim's grandfather's son is mike's dad how is mike related to Tim?

Just brothers maybe even step-brothers or half-brothers Tim's grandfather's son is either Tim's father or Tim's uncle. If it's Tim's father, them Mike is either Tim's brother or half-brother. If it is Tim's uncle, them Mike is Tim's cousin.

Who is the son of akbar's father?

Akbar's father's son is Akbar (or any brothers Akbar might have.)

Who is the father of Ashanti son?

The father of Ashanti's son should be Ashanti.

Who am i I have no brothers or sisters but my father's father is his fathers son?


A man stares at a photo and says brothers and sisters i have none but that mans father is my fathers son?

That means that the man in the photo is his son. "My father's son" is himself (since he has no brothers and sisters); since he is the father of "that man", it follows that "that man" is his son.

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