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there must be if you need a green snap apple as one of the flowers to get tingaling

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Is there such thing as fred611617 from moshi monsters?

yes click on help then click on the first green writing.

How do you get shishi in Moshi Monsters?

to get shishi on moshi monsters u have to get the seeds at superseeds thing :)

How do you get the little green slimy thing on moshi monsters that does things?

He's Called Blobert and the code for him is: moshimoshi11

How do you get ompa on moshi monsters?

there is no such thing sorry

Is there a website that tells you every thing you need to know about Moshi Monsters?

The Moshi Monsters FAQ page is a good place to start. On the Moshi Monsters website click Help at the top.

Moshi monsters misson 8 hook?

you talk to the barrel dude and iggy come out you put iggy in the apple bobbing thing and you get the eye

What are modpods on Moshi Monsters?

I don't know i use to play moshi monsters but not any more..... i think my thing died

What do you get if you eat a rare food on Moshi Monsters?

I dont' think you get anything because there is no such a thing as rare food on moshi monsters

How do you get moshi on moshi monstres?

you have to type in moshi monsters and then click it and then click the thing that says adopt monster

Is moshi monsters good or not?

Its is the best thing in the world!

Are there other things like moshi monsters?

some thing like moshi mosters

How do you get the little monster in the ball on Moshi Monsters?

The monsters in the ball. you get it from a code thing where you log in.

How do you get thing for free in moshi monster?

The basic Moshi Monsters game is completely free to play.

Is there such thing as wereley on moshi monsters?

No, this isn't something that exists.

Is there such thing as a green love berry on moshi monsters?

yes its possible to get green love berries on moshi monsters it would take long though because that's a very hard plant to get. Here's a tip for a cheat if u plant a purple star, green love and blue dragon u can get three moshlings at a time. Pllzzz add me nat0900 I'm a member and I'll tell u any other cheats as aswell but only on moshi monsters.

Is the such thing as red magic beans on moshi monsters?

There is such things called red magic beans, you need them to get white fang the musky husky on moshi monsters.

Where is the pie palace in Moshi Monsters?

There is no such thing on moshi monsters but there is a place called candy cane caves were you can make your own cup cake and attract moshlings with it.

How do you get rox maker in moshi monsters?

There's no such thing as a Rox maker.

What is the MONSTERS profile on moshi monsters?

It is a thing where you put your monsters fave things and when people click on you they usually go up to the profile.

How do you make some thing for the shops on moshi monsters?

Items for the shops are designed by the staff at Mind Candy, the company which owns Moshi Monsters. Sometimes Moshi Monsters will hold a design contest. Watch the Daily Growl for information about any design contests.

How do you get the wheel of moods on Moshi Monsters?

The 'Wheel of Moods' is the same thing as 'The Wheel of Fortune' on Moshi Monsters. You have to buy Moshi Magazine #5 to get the code for the Wheel of Fortune. The code is one use only and can not be shared.

How do you say something in moshi monsters?

tickle it or do some thing. hope it works

How do you talk to Moshi Monsters?

In Moshi Monsters, You can not talk to other Monsters. The only thing you can do is messages to other people by going to their home, click the message board an give them a message. You can only give messages to your friends.

Is there such thing as a Broccoli Spears moshling on Moshi Monsters?

Broccoli Spears is not a moshling on Moshi Monsters. Broccoli Spears is a non-playable character found singing in the Underground Disco.

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