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You have one year from the date of purchase to charge a card. To confirm this, call the 1-800 number for merchant services for whatever card you want to charge (i.e. Visa/MC) and ask a customer service representative. For example, if the card is a Visa, call (800) 555-1212 and ask directory assistance for Visa Merchant Services. Some business people would choose to err on the side of not billing the customer, no matter what the time is. As long as you have a reasonable basis to collect funds, it should be billed, but consider the amount, if it's small; let it go because even if you wait eight months you can get a chargeback which theoretically could cost you more than the charge.

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You are an Merchant having credit card details from Customers. How do you charge them?

I am an Indian Merchant,having credit card details from Customers.How do I charge them?

Can you overdraw on a credit card?

Yes, but the card issuing bank would charge you over limit fee and other additional fees if you exceed your credit limit

How much should I charge on a 500.00 credit card limit so that its not bad on my credit report?

Your payment history is the most important feature for your credit report. If you have a $500 credit card, this is one that may be a "gotcha" card that will charge you for exceeding the credit limit, may add charges exceeding that limit and so on, leading you into a vicious cycle. Only charge what you can pay off entirely at the end of the month.

Is it legal to charge customers for credit card expenses under five dollars?

Yes, the credit card business is a very serious business.

What is the maximum amount you can charge on a credit card called?

Assuming you mean as a customer - that's called your credit limit.

Can they charge you an over the limit fee if your credit card is closed?

Yes, if the charge was made prior to closing your account.

What is the limit on a HBC credit card?

The limit for an HBC credit card is communicated to the purchaser of a new Hudson Bay Company credit card directly. This is the only way that one can determine the cash limit and credit limit on an HBC credit card.

What was the first department store credit card?

John Wanamakers in Philadelphia, PA was the first department store to issue a credit card. Prior to that some stores offered 'open credit' to customers. They would pay the bill in full each month for what they bought. Wanamakers came up with the idea to issue a credit limit and credit card and allow customers to pay in full or over time, but not exceeding their credit limit.

How much is the limit on a Halifax credit card?

The limit on a Halifax credit card is determined by the credit history of the applicant. There can be no way of knowing ahead of time what the limit will be on the card.

Is it illegal to charge customers for credit card purchases?

Businesses are free to add a surcharge for purchases made by credit or debit cards.

I-tunes charge to credit card?

You can have itunes charge to your credit card or buy a prepaid card either a itunes card or a prepaid credit card ...

Is there a limit to late fees and over the limit fees a credit card company can charge?

I really dont think that there is. I had the same problem with my credit card companys. They were not happy with the payments I sent, and kept adding more

Can a business charge extra for work paid by credit card?

Technically it's unethical to charge more to customers who don't pay in cash, but it cost money for a business to accept credit cards and some small companies charge a credit card fee to compensate losses.

What is meant by a credit limit?

Credit limit is the largest amount of money a consumer can charge on a credit card. The amount equals the amount of credit extended to a consumer. Charges over this amount are usually allowed, but expect to pay an "over-the-limit" fee.

What sort of credit limit is on the Chase Visa signature card?

The credit limit that is on the Chase Visa signature card is a $5000 credit limit. This credit limit matches up with the average credit limit across all banks in America.

How is someone's credit card limit determined?

Someone's credit card limit is determined by examining their credit score. Typically, one who has good credit will receive a much higher credit card limit than one who has a bad credit score.

Why was a widow's charge card credit limit decreased when she paid off her deceased husband's charge card?

It is unlikely that the limit was lowered because of the pay off. Many card issuers are pulling limits back regardless of payment history or credit history. My suggestion would be to contact the card company and ask for an explanation of the reduction.

Can you be in credit on a credit card?

Yes, When you spend more than the credit limit of your card.

Increase credit limit for credit card?

If you want to increase your credit card limit, you should use it regularly and create a predictable credit card history. Pay your bills on time.

Can merchants charge a fee for using a credit card in the UK?

You are not usually charged a fee for using your credit card. HOWEVER - the fees charged to the retailer by the credit card company, will covertly be passed on to all customers by charging more for their products !

What is a Merchant Credit Card Processor?

A "Merchant Credit Card Processor" is a electronically device that takes the information from your customers credit card for payment. This will automatically put the payment in your account after charging the customers credit/visa/master card.

How does Gamfly charge customers?

It's a basic process in which one gives the company their credit card information and depending on the type of plan you get, they charge you monthly.

How much is a two percent purchase on a credit card?

It will depend on how much your credit limit is. For example, if your credit card limit is $500, a two percent purchase on your credit card would be $10.00

How can someone increase their credit limit on their credit card?

Someone may increase their credit limit by visiting the local bank branch and speaking with a bank teller. The individual can then ask for an increase in their credit limit on their credit card.

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