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The majority of car dealerships across the United States do not have a three day return policy or cooling off period on new or used car purchases. "Buyer's Remorse" will not be enough to get you out of a vehicle purchase or return a car to the dealer.

Is an emotional response from a car buyer during or after buying a new or used car. Buyer's remorse can be feelings of depression, anxiety, fear or regret.

Car buying tip: Car salesman are very aware of buyer's remorse and know that it can be a deal killer. Do not let a car salesman or dealer manipulate or persuade you into signing a binding contract or any other paperwork until you're ready to buy the car.

Some car dealerships do have "3 day return policies." however these car dealerships will only honor their return policy if you have something clearly stated in writing.

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Q: Is there a time period within which you can return a car if you decide you really didn't want it?
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