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Is there a trick to getting headlight housing out of 2004 Concorde?

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very hard ,front clip above radiator needs to be removed ,after out remove two bolts at top of light and turn light different ways to get out

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What is the average speed of a Concorde?

Trick question. How do you propose to measure the average?

Is there a trick to removing the turn signal lamp flasher in a 1991 Chevy Caprice it does not seem to want to come out and I do not want to break anything?

that turn signal housing is separate from the headlight. all you have to do is find that one screw that is attaching the housing, and it's located close to the finder. then just wiggle it free.

How to remove the headlight assembly on a 94 Geo Metro?

There is a trick to removing the sealed beam headlight on a 94 Geo Metro. The black plastic decorative housing is in the way of being able to swap out your dead sealed beam headlight with a new one. (NOTE - Some 94 Geo Metros came with the newer style headlights where just the bulb is replaced. If you have a plastic lens that is curved, then you just need to replace the bulb. This article pertains to the rectangular sealed beam headlight - the older-style headlights that have a flat glass lens.) To begin, remove the two screws at the top of the black plastic decorative housing. Next, you will need to remove the bottom screw that is on the underside. This screw is accessed from underneath the car - the screw is located toward the lower outside front edge of the black plastic housing. Once you get this bottom screw out, you're almost ready for the trick. The trick involves the one remaining screw. You don't remove it. That's a good thing, because it's close to impossible to remove, because the head of the screw has about an inch of clearance from the steel of the bumper! Instead of removing this last screw, the black plastic housing is designed to PIVOT on this point. Yup. That's the trick. Don't try to remove this last screw. Instead, carefully twist the housing to pivot off this point. The headlight will probably be in the way (especially the aiming tips, which are the glass tips that stick out on the front surface of the headlight). But you can carefully work the edge of black plastic housing past these tips. You're almost home free. You've got the headlight bezel to remove - four screws, one at each corner. A 8 or 10 inch long philips head screwdriver will make it pretty easy to get at the bottom two screws. This bezel is a kind of "ring" that surrounds the headlight. It attaches to the "headlight bucket" with these 4 screws. Remove the bezel. Once you've got the bezel out, the headlight can be unplugged from the back. A gentle back-and-forth and side-to-side motion will help break the connector loose from the dead headlight. The old headlight will slip out at an angle past the black plastic housing. Slip the new headlight in the same way the old one came out, and connect the plug, seating it firmly. Back-n-forth and side-to-side pressure will help fully seat the connector. Slide the bezel back around the edge of the headlight and secure with the 4 screws. Pivot the black plastic housing back in place, and reinstall the 3 screws - and voila! You're done.

How do you replace the headlight for a '97 Cadillac SLS?

to change the headlight assembly lift the cover panel in front of engine compartment. there are 3 sections all together the outside secs are for access to headlamps. im guessing that you are replacing the whole light assy. there are 2 10 millimeter bolts on top just behind lamp housing. remove these and housing will be free. to remove the housing you need to release the side marker lamp housing. there is a wire spring clamp in frt inside. pull it forward and in and marker will release. lift headlamps up slightly and then work them around til you can remove them. unplug headlight bulbs and unscrew blinker bulb. to put back in make sure you get the plastic tabs on back of housing in their slots or the housing will bounce around on you. also make sure you clean halogen bulbs with alcohol swabs so there is nothing on them or they might blow. do not touch bulb after cleaning hope this does the trick for you THEKINGCZAR

Is there a trick to turning the retaining ring when replaceing the headlight bulb on your 1997 Ford Explorer It just wont budge?

No, just as long as you are turning it counter clockwise when standing behind the headlight.

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change the headlight retraction switch on the right side of the odometer cluster, it did the trick for me!

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How do you remove and reinstall headlight bulb on Honda shadow spirit?

Step 1- Remove headlight retaining ring. This is held on by the two 8mm Hex head bolts. Take out the 8mm hex bolts and the headlight flips up and out. The Phillips screws are for adjustment only. Don't mess with these! Step 2-Unhook the headlight connector. Just pull it off the headlight. Step 3- Take off the dust cover. Step 4- Undo the headlight bulb retainer. There is a trick to this I can't really explain but it has to do with unhooking the small tension wires. Step 5- The bulb should come out. Put everything back together in reverse order.

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