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I assume you have a leak - yes you can use a standard repair patch on it usually a vinyl pool comes with a repair kit but just go to your local pool supply place and pick up a vinyl repair kit. MP

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โˆ™ 2005-07-02 12:15:53
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Q: Is there a vinyl repair that will hold up the air pressure of the ring on an easy set pool ring?
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How do you patch vinyl air towable tube?

Personally I like to use pool repair kits with solvent glue and a small roll of vinyl. I find they hold the best under pressure and the abuse a towable gets! Let it dry fully before re-inflating, don't rush it or it will not seal completely. Happy riding!

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How do you fix a hole at the base of the air outlet in the top blue ring of an Intex pool after you have used two different glues that will not hold because of the location and air will not stay in it?

Walgreens sells a vinyl repair product called POWER POXY that works well when used as directed. Depending on what glues you may have already tried, it may be difficult to remove them to provide a clean repair surface.

Does pressure reducing valve hold reduced pressure after stop of flow?

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Can you repair small holes in an inflatable pool ring?

Yes, there are two types of repair kits - ones that work under water and ones that need to be dry. Check your local pool place for both. I am wagering that you mean the inflatable ring around the top. You need a standard vinyl repair kit. Rough up the patch using a fine grit sand paper and rough up the area to be patched. Use glue - hold in place until dry. The repair kit should have instructions.

Can you put a vinyl cover over a existing concrete in ground pool?

You mean a cover like to close the pool over top of the water or a liner to hold the water. To cover over the water, some companies make vinyl covers, they tend to be more expensive and heavier then woven ones though. As far as a liner, some manufacturers choose not to make Vinyl Liners for concrete pools for different reasons. You'll have to check with a dealer in your area to find a supplier that does, or pursue other repair options.

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How can you fix a rip in a inground pool liner that is still full?

If the rip is not tool arge you can use an undewater patch for vinyl liner with vinyl adhesive - it works underwater - you apply the adheive generopusly all ovetr the patch cut to bigger than the rip size, fold in half with adhesive on the inside, go into water to rip and unfold, smooth out bubbles and apply pressure to hold especially at the edges

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