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there is and here is how

Pokemon Emerald for GBA:

How to get a legitamate Mew that will not cause you to:

a: glitch or ruin your GBA game

b: make you loose all your Pokemon

c: restart your game

d: schedule vacation time and drive 400+ mile to the Manhattan Pokemon Center

What you need:

-Game Boy Advance

-GBA Pokemon Emerald cart that is saved after you have beaten the Elite 4

-Action Replay MAX for GBA/DS (Yes, I know I said legit, but bear with me)

If you follow these steps to the letter, you will get a legimate and legal Mew with out damaging or corrupting your GBA Pokemon Emerald game.

Phase 1: Preparing your in game character.

1. Insert your Pokemon Emerald cart directly into your GBA.

2. Once in your game;


-Make sure you have lots of your prefered type of Poke'balls with you.

-Make sure you have Pokemon in your party that are atleast level 40.

-Make sure Pokemon in your party know FALSE SWIPE and SING (SLEEP POWDER will work in place of SING).

-Go stand outside of the FERRY DOCK, --- DO NOT GO IN!

-SAVE your Pokemon Emerald game.

Phase 2: Use of the Action Replay MAX

1. Insert your Pokemon Emerald cart into the Action Replay MAX

2. With the power to your GBA turned OFF, insert the Action Replay MAX into your GBA

3. Turn the power ON

4. You should get the Action Replay MAX screen. If you do not, turn off the power, wait 10 seconds, remove the Action Replay MAX and Pokemon Emerald cart and try again.

5. ADD the following code into the Action Replay MAX after confirming that you are indeed using Pokemon Emerald.

-Name: Faraway Island (Mew)



6. After entering the code. Select it to be active (check box icon)

7. Make sure the only other active (checked) code is the " (m) " default code

8. Press "START" on the GBA

9. Your Pokemon Emerald cart should boot with in 20 seconds. If it does not go back to step 2.

10. Load up the game you saved in Phase 1.

11. You should be in LILYCOVE CITY in front of the FERRY DOCK.

12. Enter the FERRY DOCK

13. You will be magically transported and exit through an open shrub into to a forest maze. The little drop down sign on your GBA should say "FARAWAY ISLAND"

14. SAVE YOUR GAME!!! Do NOT move or do anything else, just SAVE your game.

15. After your game save is complete, wait 5 seconds then turn OFF the power to your GBA.

16. Remove the Action Replay MAX from your GBA.

17. Remove the Pokemon Emerald cart from the Action Replay MAX

18. You will no longer need the Action Replay MAX after this.

19. Reinsert the Pokemon Emerald cart directly into your GBA.

Phase 3: Going after Mew

1. Power on your GBA with the Pokemon Emerald cart installed.

2. Load up your game to the last save.

3. You are still on FARAWAY ISLAND. The now disconnected Action Replay MAX did not alter or damage any of your game or Pokemon. It simply allowed you to go to FARAWAY ISLAND one time as if you had downloaded the ticket wirelessly at a Nintendo event.

4. To find MEW enter the opening in the hedge right behind you. You will see Mew playfully flying around. Mew will spot you and go hide in the patch of tall grass immediately in front of you. You will see his tail pop up randomly in the grass. Don't worry, he wont run away like Latias or Latios. Mew is playing tag with you.

5. Go into the tall grass and chase him around until you hit a spot in the grass were you can't move. This means Mew is right in front of you hiding in the grass.

6. Press the "A" button to enter your battle with MEW.

7. Mew is Level 30, and just like other legendary Pokemon, if you K.O. Mew, he's gone forever. (Good thing you saved previously, RIGHT?)

Phase 4: The end of the story.

1. After capturing Mew exit through the hedge at the bottom of the screen. You will find yourself back in the forest maze.

2. Head south and west through the maze until you exit onto a dirt path.

3. Follow the dirt path and you will see the dock with the ferry waiting for you. DON'T GET ON THE FERRY JUST YET.

4. Instead follow the dirt path west until you come to a sign. Stand in front of the sign and press "A"

5. The sign is the final chapter to the story told in the diary found in the burned out POKEMON MANSION on CINNABAR ISLAND in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green. It reads:

<>The writing is faded as if written a long time ago…

"…ber, 6th day. If any human sets foot here again, let it be a kind hearted person. With that hope, I depart…." <>

Apparently one unknown person survived Mewtwo's escape from the POKEMON MANSION and brought the original Mew here on an uncharted island to live in peace.

I thought it was a really nice touch to pick up and end the diary story from the other GBA games this way.

6. If you are done looking around FARAWAY ISLAND. (There are no other Pokemon or items there.) Follow the dirt path back to thr ferry and speak to the sailor to return to LILYCOVE CITY.

7. Once in LILYCOVE CITY exit the FERRY DOCK.


You now have Mew ! If you had less than 6 Pokemon in your party, he will be in your party. If you had 6 Pokemon with you, he will have been transported to the appropriate box on Lanette's PC.

The MEW you have caught is the real deal. Just like you would have gotten had you driven to Manhattan to download the wireless ticket. He is not an Action Replay glitch Pokemon. You only used the Action Replay to get to FARAWAY ISLAND. Your Mew is the real Nintendo authentic deal!

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