Is there a way of measuring creative ability such as a test on a scale of 1-100 to see how good or bad your skill is?

The only way to measure your creative ability is to develop it by exploration. There is no way of knowing how far it can span. Test yourself by going shopping for supplies. What can you put together? If on a budget, how inexpensive can you create something that will be unbelievable? What can you make out of old cans, car parts, kitchen utensils, etc.? How many genres of art can you cross over into? Could you amuse or entertain yourself with absolutely nothing other than your imagination? Can you make up poems or songs off the top of your head? Can you meet unexpected deadlines? Are you spontaneous? Are you open minded with a bendable brain? Discovering the depth of your creative abilty means being willing to study your own perceptions on everything. Creativity and skill come together to work as one if you throughly study the dynamics of art while leaving more than enough room for playful creatvity. And of course skill can develop itself through constant creativity. Here are more opinions and answers from other FAQ Farmers: * An IQ test..? * With reference to the above answer, I don't think an IQ test will reveal anything about creativity. In general, I associate IQ tests with analytical abilities, which is something very different. I agree that one has to explore and experiment. I'd attach less importance to being spontaneous, as there are some kinds of elaborated and highly time-consuming forms of creativity. As for the financial dimension, one must (usually) be prepared to spend some money on one's explorations, but it needn't be that much initially. For example, if you think you have potential as a photographer, you will need to buy a good camera. (This needn't be expensive; you can get an excellent secondhand camera on ebay, for example). There are tests that try to measure creativity... although I completely agree that it is best to do some exploring. But if you really want a formal test, here is a site that might lead you to a good test, depending on what kind of creativity you are trying to measure. :)