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Is there a way of recording a conversation on a cell phone or home phone without the other party knowing?


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There are ways to do it, yes, from simply using your answering machine to a hand-held tape recorder. Whether it's legal is another question, and it depends entirely upon which state you live in. It actually isn't legal, but people do it in cases of threats from a former lover, etc. Just to tape someone for no reason is illegal, but most are never caught. It's call "invasion of privacy". In many court cases even the judge will have to rule on whether a taped conversation is admissible in court. If you are phoning a lawyer or business on a complicated matter and want to tape the conversation you should legally ask that person if you can tape the conversation or not. The police can tape calls (bug) someones phone should it be warranted. Many business' use a loop hole when taping a customer. Example: If you are phoning to complain to your telephone company for poor service you will get this message, "Please acknowledge that your conversation may be taped for training purposes." This is simply a legal loop hole. On most home phones there is "speaker phone." Just push the button before you answer and you don't have to lift up the receiver. Put your tape recorder near the speaker phone (put the TV or radio down as it's interference.) Cell phones are difficult to get a clear taping from. In the US, states establish laws pertaining to the secret recording of telephone conversations or conversations in general. Conversations can be legally recorded in most states as long as one party has knowledge. Federal law also allows the personal recording of telephone and electronic communications as long as one party is aware it is occurring. States that require all party consent to a conversation being taped whether an electronic communication system or a personal encounter are, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington state. The Supreme Court ruled that the recording of a conversation by an individual (not a government agency) is not illegal as the involved parties could not be guaranteed nor should expect privacy,meaning others could be listening on an extension and so forth. ANSWER Actually, it is really easy from a cell phone... while you are on the phone look at it, most often there is a more option, press it, and then hit record...that easy---and no one would even know.

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Is it illegal in the state of South Carolina to recorrd my conversation without the other person knowing.

Yes, as long as it is done in a public place where no amount of privacy is expected.

Audio tapng is the same thing as recording..... it is illegal to do so without warning the other party to the conversation.

Federal law states that one party of the conversation must know that the conversation is being taped. In other words, I can tape a conversation between me and someone else, but I can't tape a conversation that doesn't involve me. The recording of a non-electronic conversation under West Virginia law is only legal if the party being recorded had no expectation of the conversation being private. In other words, recording such conversation would have to be done in a public place.

You are always free to legally record a conversation which you are a part of, whether the other person(s) you are talking to knows about it or not. However, you are not free to record the conversations that two other people are having without their knowledge, unless you have a court order which allows that.

You can if you are a party to the conversation. You do not have to inform the other party that you are recording them. Texas Penal Code Section 16.02

Only if you notify the other person that you are recording the call.

Typically you cannot record a conversation without the other party's consent and/or permission. This tape recording cannot be disclosed without legal repercussions and it is not admissible in court. It IS legal, however, to record a conversation that occurs at a public event or proceeding that is open to the public.

There are many... a simple search of the internet will show you. ( i remember one some years back called Tap & Tel ) Be aware however that it may be illegal is some states without the consent of the other person involved.

Texas is what is commonly called a "one party consent" state, which means that if one party to the conversation knows the conversation is being recorded and consents to the recording, the other party need not. Here is a longer overview of the Texas law: However, even assuming that it is legal to record the conversation, there may be limits on the use of that recording. For instance, depending upon how the state of Texas recognizes and applies the marital/spousal privileges, such a recording might not be admissible as evidence in a legal proceeding.

It depends on the state. Some states permit a taping a conversation if only one party consents (like just the admission official) and without the knowledge of both parties. Other states require all parties to consent to having the conversation taped.

In the US It depends on what state you live in. Different states have different laws regarding the recording of conversations. In California, you are in violation of state law if you do inform the other party AND get their consent to record the conversation.In some states, only one party has to be aware of the recording.Added; Above is a true statement BUT obviously does NOT apply to government agencies or law enforcement who are operating with a warrant.

you can start a conversation then ask him who he likes he might not tell but if he starts to blush or any other sign then tell the truth

They provide real-time communication which has two flaws. The first is that a history can be kept of your conversation. Even if you have your history turned off, the other party can be keeping it. So it is vitally important to watch what you say. Secondly, the conversation can often have other parties listening in or saving your conversation without you knowing it. It is vitally important that you get an Internet Security Platform to protect your identity and your conversation. Without such protection you are at risk of the security problems inherent in the design of the Internet that millions of hackers and cyber criminals are exploiting daily.

Clocks are important in a wide range of ways for recording time. From simple things like knowing the time, recording how long something takes, recording hours people have worked, measuring time on a scientific level and for many other purposes, clocks are essential pieces of equipment. Without them a lot of simple things would be much more complex.

You may tape record your OWN phone conversations with one other party without notifying the other party. If the call includes more than one other party you must notify ALL parties that you are tape recording the conversation. If the call is from Mississippi to another state, THAT state may not have the same laws as Mississippi and you should notify the recepient that your are recording.

yes but only if the recording was legally obtained through the use of a warrant

No. In Ohio, as in many other states, it's not illegal if the person recording is a party to the conversation. Twelve states require ALL PARTIES to consent to the recording. These are: California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington.

you millennium act allows recording of any uncopyrighted material- - - - - - - -You can get a copy of your conversation from the Company or Person who voice recorded your conversation. Any body can record your conversations since there is no specific law stating anyone can voice record your conversation. This can vary by state.Another View: The above answer is only partially correct.Many (but not all) states have a one-party law (i.e.: as long as one party to the recording is aware that it is taking place, no other parties need be notified).If the conversation was recorded by a private party or private company, and they refuse to supply you with a copy of it, you will have to get an order from the court directing them to release it to you. If the recording was done by a government agency you can file for its release under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA).

No, Illinois state statutes require that all other involved parties be informed that the conversation is being recorded.

Yes. Oregon is a "one party" state which means that only one party of the conversation needs to consent to the recording.This means that you, or somebody who has given priorconsent, needs to be in the conversation (recording a conversation between neighbors when none of them know would be illegal).However, all parties must be informed of the recording. So, if you always record your calls, you can simply answer the phone with something like, "Hello, this call is being recorded. Go ahead."Find an attorney if you're trying to record a conversation across state lines, as some states have other laws about that.Basically, you need to be in the conversation, tell the other person you're recording, and then it's good.IANALApplicable Laws under Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS):§165.535 Definitions applicable to obtaining contents of communications§165.540 Obtaining contents of communications§165.543 Interception of communications

It is a federal law to record telephone messages without one party consent. There are 12 states who do two-party consent, which means all people must have knowledge of the recording. A one-party consent means only one person has to has knowledge and give consent to the recording. Oklahoma is a one-party consent state.

No. Wiretapping, eavesdropping on phone conversations is illegal. Recording a conversation you are not part of cannot be used for any purpose whatsoever. If you record your own phone conversations the other person must be informed prior to the conversation and sometimes an audible beep every few seconds is required. Listening to radio communications such as a police scanner is allowed as long as what the listener has heard is never divulged to another person. The only legal means of recording without others knowledge is by court order.

It's not possible to answer this question without knowing more information about the context. There is nothing inherently ironic about having a conversation with your father in ordinary circumstances. Irony is a difference between intended meaning and reality - like when you say "this weather is great" when it is really terrible. An example of when it might be ironic to have a conversation with your father is if one of you was promising not to talk to the other - but you were talking about it. This would be ironic. Another example would be if you were trying to get your father not to do something for you by having the conversation, but the result of the conversation was that he did what you did not want him to do. That would be an ironic result.

It is if it is done without the other people's knowledge.

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