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There are ways to do it, yes, from simply using your answering machine to a hand-held tape recorder. Whether it's legal is another question, and it depends entirely upon which state you live in. It actually isn't legal, but people do it in cases of threats from a former lover, etc. Just to tape someone for no reason is illegal, but most are never caught. It's call "invasion of privacy". In many court cases even the judge will have to rule on whether a taped conversation is admissible in court. If you are phoning a lawyer or business on a complicated matter and want to tape the conversation you should legally ask that person if you can tape the conversation or not. The police can tape calls (bug) someones phone should it be warranted. Many business' use a loop hole when taping a customer. Example: If you are phoning to complain to your telephone company for poor service you will get this message, "Please acknowledge that your conversation may be taped for training purposes." This is simply a legal loop hole. On most home phones there is "speaker phone." Just push the button before you answer and you don't have to lift up the receiver. Put your tape recorder near the speaker phone (put the TV or radio down as it's interference.) Cell phones are difficult to get a clear taping from. In the US, states establish laws pertaining to the secret recording of telephone conversations or conversations in general. Conversations can be legally recorded in most states as long as one party has knowledge. Federal law also allows the personal recording of telephone and electronic communications as long as one party is aware it is occurring. States that require all party consent to a conversation being taped whether an electronic communication system or a personal encounter are, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington state. The Supreme Court ruled that the recording of a conversation by an individual (not a government agency) is not illegal as the involved parties could not be guaranteed nor should expect privacy,meaning others could be listening on an extension and so forth. ANSWER Actually, it is really easy from a cell phone... while you are on the phone look at it, most often there is a more option, press it, and then hit record...that easy---and no one would even know.

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Q: Is there a way of recording a conversation on a cell phone or home phone without the other party knowing?
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Is it illegal to record your conversation without the other person knowing in South Carolina?

Is it illegal in the state of South Carolina to recorrd my conversation without the other person knowing.

Is it legal in Texas to tape a conversation without the other person knowing?


Is it legal in Louisiana to tape a conversation without the other person knowing?

You are always free to legally record a conversation which you are a part of, whether the other person(s) you are talking to knows about it or not. However, you are not free to record the conversations that two other people are having without their knowledge, unless you have a court order which allows that.

Is it legal to tape a conversation without the other person knowing?

Yes, as long as it is done in a public place where no amount of privacy is expected.

Is it illegal to audio tape a neighbor in New Mexico without permission?

Audio tapng is the same thing as recording..... it is illegal to do so without warning the other party to the conversation.

Is it illegal to tape a person's conversation in West Virginia if you have a concealed recording device on you?

Federal law states that one party of the conversation must know that the conversation is being taped. In other words, I can tape a conversation between me and someone else, but I can't tape a conversation that doesn't involve me. The recording of a non-electronic conversation under West Virginia law is only legal if the party being recorded had no expectation of the conversation being private. In other words, recording such conversation would have to be done in a public place.

What are the laws on recording telephone conversations in Texas?

You can if you are a party to the conversation. You do not have to inform the other party that you are recording them. Texas Penal Code Section 16.02

Can you record a one on one phone conversation in Michigan?

Only if you notify the other person that you are recording the call.

Can you record a face to face conversation between two people in North Carolina if you advise the other person that you are recording them?


is it leagle to carry a tape recorder hidden in your pockit and record your conversations with your boss and or employer ?

Typically you cannot record a conversation without the other party's consent and/or permission. This tape recording cannot be disclosed without legal repercussions and it is not admissible in court. It IS legal, however, to record a conversation that occurs at a public event or proceeding that is open to the public.

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Are there recorders that tape a telephone conversation without the other person knowing it?

There are many... a simple search of the internet will show you. ( i remember one some years back called Tap & Tel ) Be aware however that it may be illegal is some states without the consent of the other person involved.

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