Best Answer Go to: Celebrities and Stars / The Rock for an agent email link

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Q: Is there a way to call or email the Rock about a promotion for your grand opening for your fitness center?
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Can opening junk email give you a virus?

Yes, it can. I know I got a virus from opening junk email :(

Can your computer get a virus by opening an email or do you have to open a link?

you can get a virus trough opening the email but you most likely going to get through the link

What are the risks of opening and email attatchment?


You were inform by tagged promotion of your winning prized and was sponsor by british American tobacco promotion it this true?

It is probably a spam email. Do not answer it. Delete it and forget it.

What are the factors to consider when opening an email?

There are some basic factors which every recipient should consider while opening an email such as Email Address (From whom we received email), Date & Time, Subject of Email, Name of other recipients (in the CC, BC fields), Attachment with email message.

What are the reviews on Schwinn Fitness?

Inquire Schwinn Fitness for reviews on their Fitness products. You can contact them directly via phone, email, fax or telephone. As well, you could inquire your local Fitness and exercise distributors directly.

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opening email attachments

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The subject line in an email is the place to put what the general topic of the email is. It is what the person receiving your email will see along with who sent it before actually opening the email.

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How can you send a email to Mariah Carey company or mariah asking more promotion for the singles?

you don't

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by opening its wikipedia ........its easy

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you get viruses .

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dont press open :)

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By you opening it.

Where can you find the reply to your answeres when you ask a question on website?

by opening your email account, and you will have an email if your question is answered.

What are some marketing activities?

Promotion of your product via advertising (newspaper, classified sites, radio etc.), by conducting surveys, email marketing, website creation and promotion, reviews from customers.

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RM18 ...

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Is it illegal to open somebody's mail?

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un plug your mouse

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When an email virus first sends itself out, opening the attachment in the email makes the virus send itself out to your address book and damage your computer.

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Risk of email attachments is one way to get a virus/spam/malware but opening an attachment without you not knowing what it is, that's stupid, don't bother even opening the attachment. If you want to open a attachment email and protect yourself, AVG has a email scanner and protecter built in. The email provider you are with will say if its spam or whatever anyways, or should.

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