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Yes there is, follow these steps:

1. Click "Phone"

2. Find the call you want to check the length of.

3. Click the blue circle with the white > arrow in it.

4. Check the call length.

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โˆ™ 2012-11-19 18:51:23
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Q: Is there a way to check call length on iPhone 4s?
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How do you check outgoing call duration in iPhone 5?

There does not appear to be a way to check the outgoing call duration on the iPhone 5, but there are apps you can download that may help you keep track. You can also check your current usage online to find out the call duration.

What is a length check on ict?

The Length Check processor provides a quick and easy way for checking an attribute for values of the appropriate length.

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same way that you would normally call them

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You cannot, I'm not sure if you can get it in a Jailbreak though.

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Yes - gives you detailed steps on how to make a conference call: You can merge up to five calls at a time on the new iPhone.

Can you make calls free?

Yes, you can, if you an iPhone with a special app, but the person who you want to call also has to have an iPhone with the same app. Oh, and by the way, 1800 reverse.

How do you make a call in 3G mode from the iPhone 4S?

The same way. It doesn't matter if you have 3G or edge.

What is better i phone touch or iPod touch?

The iPhone has to be way better. I don't have an iPhone, but I do have an iTouch. The only difference is that on the iPhone, you can call and text your friends, but you can get an app on iTunes for texting and you can use it in a Wi-Fi area.

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Not unless you have an iPhone. With an iPhone you can call your number and try to find it around your house or wherever you lost it. You can't find an iPod because there is no way to somehow send it a message or track it.

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I think this way via FonePaw iOS Transfer would be more useful than the other way. Here is a useful step-by-step guide on How to Print iPhone SMS/Messages, check related links transfer-iphone-recovery. Hope it helps!

How can you change itouch 4 into an iphone 4?

you cant really make if an iphone. you can make it call with and app called (iCall) you have to have wifi. there is no way to get 3g for it. textfree is a way to text people to. if i didnt answer this good enough please contact me at (

How do you edit iPhone movies?

Apple have released iMovie for iPhone. This is a way to edit movies on your iPhone.

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