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when you mix olive oil with windex together and rub

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Q: Is there a way to clean headlights when they look frosted instead of clear?
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Is frosted glass Tranceparent?

Clear glass is transparent. Frosted glass is opaque - not transparent.

Your clear headlight housing plastic is frosted over how can you remove it from a 2004 tiburon?

you need a headlight restoration go to a super center walmart with a tire and lube express it cost $40 for both headlights and they will do it your headlights will look brand new again

Are there clear headlights for Mazda?

Yes there are clear headlights available in the automobile market depending on the model

Clear vs frosted light bulbs?

Those wanting softer, diffused light use frosted light bulbs. Clear bulbs give light that is brighter and suitable for everyday applications.

How to clean head lights?

If your once-crystal clear headlights now look like they're covered in wax paper, it's safer to learn to clean and buff them up yourself.

Why is frosted glass often used for bathroom windows instead of clear glass or a solid wall?

it will keep people from seeing though it but will let some light through. its translucent

Is frosted glass opaquetranslucent or transparent?

Frosted glass is translucent. It allows light through but scatters the light. This prevents anyone having a clear (transparent) view.

What are some good adjectives that describe a window?

breakable clear dirty frosted opaque

Is Clean and Clear a cleanser?

Clean and Clear is a company that sells many products. but yes, Clean and Clear does sell cleansers.

A winning slogan for clean and clear?

Clean and Clear, Under Control ;)

Which thermal printer can print clear frosted plastic card?

No brand of printer can print frosted cards. There are sensors in all printers and these do not get activated in clear cards. we manufacture special frosted cards that can be used on all brand of printers. However the results of thermal printing may not be upto the mark since the inks are transparent and lack the depth. Hemant

What is a good upgrade for 1997 Ford Aspire headlights?

buy a new or used set of clear lensed headlights with a xenon bulb

What can you use to clean the head lights in a car that looks yellowish?

Your local auto parts store will sell you a kit to restore the cloudy plastic headlights back to clear again. It is easy to do, just follow instructions. Most kits go for less than $30 and they do both headlights.

Does it mean when your urine is clear that your urine is clean of drugs?

if your urine is clear is it clean of weed? defin8ly

Does Clean and Clear acne treatment work?

Clean and Clear acne treatment has received good reviews and works for most people. Clean and Clear is made by Johnson and Johnson.

Synonyms for the word white?

transparent, snowy, milky, ivory, silvery, chalky, fair, clear, light, frosted

Is window pane considered transparent?

An ordinary clear window pane is transparent. If it's "frosted" glass, it is translucent.

How do firefighter see in a burning building?

A trick I heard of to see through frosted glass is to put clear tape on it.

What is glass block?

clear or frosted glass that you use in lieu of a window. they are stacked with grout in between and are a decorative alternative to windows

Why are some window panes made of frosted glass?

For decorative use ,so you can't see a clear image through them

Where can clean and clear spot control kit be bought?

you can buy the clean and clear spot control kit for

Which is better Proactiv or Clean Clear?

Clean and clear is better because when you stop using proactive your start coming back so i prefer clean and clear other than that I don't know.Thank you ,welcome.

Can you change just the lenses on the headlights of a 98 Mercury Sable?

The headlight assembly can be changed, but not just the actual clear lens on the front. See "Related Questions" below for how to remove the headlight assembly, and also how to clean them

What is Clean and Clear's slogan?

clean and clear and under control

What is housekeeping in a garage workshop?

Keeping the work bench clear and clean Keeping the floor clear and clean When a job is finished, putting the tools away clean