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Is there a way to defy the law of gravity?

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Defying the Laws of GravitySome Things Are Best To Not Ask, This Is One Of Them. YOU DON`T Answeryou can by making Yorkshire puddings when they are ready to cook you tip up the bowl and it wont fall out ask your physics teacher.....

every particle in the universe attracts every other particle with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them (wikipedia)

According to the laws of gravity, every object in the universe is attracted to every other object in the universe. And has a form of gravity acting on them. I suppose the only way for gravity to be defied is to have the entire universe collapse on itself.

Even airplanes and space shuttles have gravity acting on them.

AnswerAlthough this seems like a stupid question, the truth is everyone has 'defied' gravity at some point, even if for a very short time, by jumping or hopping or the like. However, gravity soon gets the better of you.
2011-09-13 06:16:08
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Do gyroscopes defy the laws of gravity?

Nothing defies the law of gravity.

How does a kite defy gravity?

It doesn't, nothing can defy gravity.

How does a rocket overcome gravity?

A rockets thrust is what makes it rise, with the force of that, it will be able to defy gravity. Once it leaves the atmosphere, there is no gravity for it to defy.

Do earthquakes defy gravity?


What is the plural of defy?

The plural of defy is defies. As in "this defies the laws of gravity".

How do you defy the laws of gravity?

go into space, where there is no gravity.

What chemical that can defy gravity?

The chemical that is called defying gravity.

Do gyroscopes defy gravity?

No, they don't.

Do magnets defy gravity?

No they don't.

Can light defy gravity?

Ultimately, no.

How does water defy gravity?


Why can gecko's defy gravity?

They cannot.

How does the rocket defy gravity?

It doesn't, it's just strong enough to counter it by the thrust generated by the expanding gasses. It's a lot like the way your leg muscles defy gravity when you walk up some stairs.

How come birds can defy gravity and humans cannot or is there a way to make us fly without an airplane?

in my estimation birds dont defy gravity,they resist with their wings.if humans were born with wings,then thats another story my friend

What is a good sentence with the word gravity?

The water seemed to defy gravity.

How can you defy gravity?

see some motion

What makes the people defy gravity?


Would steam defy gravity in a vacuum?


How do the valves help to defy gravity?

You have to be a vetaschnadin.

How is gravity used in gymnastics?

Gravity is not "used". In gymnastics, gymnasts almost defy-gravity by flipping in the air but have no control of what gravity does.

How do you say Defy Gravity in Ukrainian?

Borodümsc idché

What does UFOS have to defy gravity and no noise?

UFOs are simply things that not readily identified. They are not 'alien' spaceships. Nor do they defy gravity and there are many phenomena that do not make any noise.

How does skateboarding defy the laws of gravity?

They aren't defying gravity. They are simply stunts & tricks.

How do you get the planet out of the suns orbit?

Find a way to defy gravity by creating negative energy, which is currently not possible with today's technology.

Do figure skaters defy gravity?

No, they do not. The jump and leap, but gravity never ceases acting upon them.