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I use Callwave Text Messaging. I found it in the "Add Stuff" section of my Google home page.

  • You can use MSN Messenger and add someone's mobile as a contact. When you IM the person, they receive the message as a text messages, not as an MSN instant message.
  • As of right now there is no way to actually read your text messages from a computer.
  • you can also e-mail them to yourself

some people can and some people can't and some people text them by email

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โˆ™ 2011-03-28 12:45:12
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Q: Is there a way to download text messages on my mobile phone on to the computer?
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How are computer messages sent through a phone?

log into your e-mail on your mobile phone.

How do you use computer as a mobile phone?

Download the Software.LOL

How do you get free boost mobile games on your phone?

I think you download them from the computer to your phone.

Can you send messages from the ipod touch to a mobile?

Yes, it is possible to send messages from the iPod Touch to a mobile phone. You have to download a free texting app (which requires Wi-Fi).

How can you recover text messages from cell phone?

You need a computer program to recover the messages unless you use a mobile which either 'sync's' or 'backsup' to a computer. If it does either of these then you should be able to get to your messages that way. You can also take it to a specialist mobile shop and they might be able to retrieve messages dependant on the make and model of the mobile.

How do you download data from server to mobile phone?

How can I download data from server to mobile phone and Mobile phone to server

How do you get windows on your phone?

well first you download Windows Mobile Device and then plug your phone into the computer and then when it has found connection it will download windows vista onto your phone.

Can you copy and print text messages from a computer?

save to files on your mobile then import files when you plug phone into computer then print...... simples

Is there a computer program that can help me locate my cell phone?

There are many mobile applications that you can download that will help you find your phone when you lose it, by using your computer.

Which phones are best for text messaging?

All phones are suitable for texting. Technology allows each mobile to either have installed or be able to download correct software to enable text messages to be sent from any mobile phone or modern computer

What will happen if you keep mobile phone near computer?

Absolutely nothing will happen to either your mobile phone or computer if you keep them, say, on the same desk. The worst that might happen could be your concentration will be interrupted by calls and messages.

How do you download games from the internet to your mobile?

Some games may be unavailable for mobile download, however, if they are, they can be downloaded via mobile internet. or can be transmitted from computer to phone, like a ring tone.

How do you download hadith in your mobile phone?

salaam mu alaykum you must download the hadith onto the computer as a av,mp3,mp4 or use the convertor provided by nokia then just transfer the files from the computer to the mobile phone. I hope that works for you inshallah

Can i read sms from my boyfriends phone without him knowing?

You can read any SMS messages from any mobile phones: if you have a computer. a cable to match his mobile phone and a software application to read this messages.

How do you make a YouTube video mobile?

Connect your camera or phone to the computer and download the video on youtube

How do you install facebook on china mobile?

To install Facebook on China Mobile you must first download the app to your computer and then save it to your phone.

Can you download Bluetooth for a mobile phone?

no you cant get bluetooth for your mobile phone, it comes with the phone itself

Can you download free ringtones if your phone doesnt have internet?

You can download free ringtones. Most phones are able to directly or indirectly connect to a computer. SimplY download the ringtones to your computer then connect it to your mobile device.

Where can one download free themes for a mobile phone?

If a person has a mobile phone that allows them to download apps then they can go to the app store and purchase themes that can be downloaded directly to the mobile phone.

What is your experience on sending and reading mobile phone text messages?

One's experience on sending and reading mobile phone text messages would probably including writing the messages using a keyboard located on the phone. One would also read the messages via the phone's screen.

How do you read boost mobile phone text messages on the internet?

can i view my boost mobile text messages online

How do you download from computer to phone?

You can download from the computer to a phone either by a Bluetooth connection, or by a USB cable.

Read mobile messages online?

Most mobile phone carriers do not allow you to read your mobile messages online. Some providers do allow you to see who has been trying to contact you and when, but the content of the messages is not available.

How can you save text messages from your mobile phone onto your computer?

if you have picture messaging you and forward the message you your email and save it there and it works i do it all of the time

How do you undelete text messages on a virgin mobile phone?

You dont.