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I work for the Tresurer/Tax Collector's Office in Santa Barbara County. In our county, all you have to do is call or come in to the office and give us the individual's name. We have a database that can pull up all that information simply by first and last name. It only pulls up property held withing the county, though. In California, this is considered "public information" and is easy to obtain. Good luck to you... I hope this info is helpful.

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Where can I get Property Tax Information for California?

Property tax information is available at county courthouses. There is some information available on line at the state's website.

How do you access public information on who owns a particular home and how to contact them?

Find out what county the property is in and look up land records/property records for that county via a GOOGLE search.

How do you find the lien holders on a property?

Assuming the property is real estate, this information is available from the county recorder of deeds. The recorder of deeds is usually located in the county courthouse. It is also possible to obtain the information online if the recorder's office provides that service.

Are cook or dupage il property taxes higher?

I don't know if you still have a question about property taxes but here is some information about Illinois property taxes. In Illinois, each County has a Supervisor of Assessments Office. Property taxes are based on the assessed value of a property. In order to determine if the taxes are the same for each County, I would suggest that you research a property in each County valued about the same or call each Assessor's Office and ask what the property tax rate is in each of the Counties. Attached is a website link for all of the Illinois County assessor records. Using the website you can access both online information and contact information. Depending on how you want to research the issue, you'll have the links that you need.

if a person haven't paid taxes on a peice of property for over six years can someone else catch up the taxes and claim the property?

It depends on the property, the law in that jurisdiction, the amount of taxes owed and the disposition of the property at the County Tax Assessor's office. If you are aware of such a property, contact the County Assessor for information.

Where can you find out if a property is condemned?

You can check at the county courthouse in the county where the property is located.

How do you find out who has ownership of a deceased persons property?

Many counties in the 49 states (+ parishes in LA) have it of public record who owns the property. If you have an address, you can typically look it up on the website of the appraisal district of that county.

Who owns the property 4445 wildflower cove?

You should be able to locate the information through your local county tax assessor. They hold property ownership records for property tax purposes.

What type of tax is this property tax on your house?

It's county property tax assessed based on the home's value sometimes called a "mill rate". You can find this information by calling your county tax assessor or looking it up online at your county assessor's web page.

Where can one find information on Hennepin County property tax?

The best option would be to talk to your local mayor or counselor about Hennepin county property taxes, but you can also talk to an accountant who might know what you are looking for in your area.

What are the filing fees for a quitclaim deed?

what are the filing fees for a quickclaim deed?Additional information: It depends on which state you're in. Contact your County Clerk, County Recorder or Register of Deeds for the prices to record documents. (BTW - it's "Quit Claim", an individual is giving up his or her interest in the property ("quitting their claim").

How do I know if my home was sold at a foreclosure sale?

Such sales are a matter of public record and the information needed can be obtained from the county assessor's office in the county where the property was located. Some states have access to such public information on their websites.

How do you find public tax records?

For property tax records for your county - go to the county Tax Assessor's office. For personal income information - that is confidential and not a public record.

Who appraises taxable property in a county?

county assessor

What is a county easement?

A county easement is a provision in the property deed that permits the county some form of access to some or all of the property without having to ask permission of the property owner.

What county has the highest property taxes in Illinois?

As of 2007, Lake County has the highest property taxes in Illinois

How can you find out who owns a property that has been abandoned for a long time?

Land information/title websites on the internet details property information.. Google it. Although the foregoing is a possibility, the more direct route is to check the website of the tax assessor or county recorder of the county in which the property is located. There will likely be an option to check by street address, enter it, and you should be able to determine the owner of record.

How can you see a list of person who have arrest warrants in Arizona?

You can check county sheriff's and local police department websites to see if they publish this information online. For example, the La Paz County Sheriff has a most wanted list. The Maricopa County Sheriff has lists of arrest warrants and deadbeat parents. A few of the local police departments in that county also list wanted persons. There are also lists of wanted persons in Mohave County by the Sheriff and Probation. The Pima County Sheriff has a most wanted persons list. The Tucson Police also lists most wanted persons. You can also search Yavapai County Sheriff's warrants online. There are also DEA and US Marshals listings online.

Where can you find information about their property?

Property information is public record in the United States, and can thus be gained by going to the local city or county offices and those records requested. There are also many websites that can answer many questions about properties and their history.

Which county in New Jersey has the highest property taxes?

Union County in New Jerset has the highest property taxes.

How to find out the name of a homeowner with the property index number?

Request the information from the county or township registrars office. You can also look this information up at the same office for a fee.

What information can be found on the Cook County Assessor website?

The Cook County Assessor is responsible for setting fair and accurate values for 1.8 million parcels of Cook county property.Properties are not determined on an individual basis but by a mass appraisal system.

Who would you call if you were upset about an increase in property tax?

Property Taxes are generally imposed by your county. So I would call the County, usually it's the County Assessor.

How does one attain a property tax lien listing?

What is a property tax lien listing? A list of properties that have tax liens or a list of tax liens that the county is offering for sale? The tax records are public and you can look up the property taxes for a property. If the county has filed a lien and it has gone unpaid that will also be in the county records. If the county chooses to sell Tax Lien Certificates (TLC) then you can find the information by contacting the county. The website for the county may have the needed info online. If there is an auction or some other process to sell TLCs it will be public info available from the county. Note that a few cities also sell TLCs. Not all states allows TLCs to be sold.

Where can you Look up public records?

Public Records consist of criminal and civil court records, including small claims court, as well as the Official Records (OR Records), for that County. These would include activity and decisions on criminal cases, civil would have information on persons that are a party to a law suit, as well as information concerning the lawsuit, including the plaintiff. This would include divorce records, and more. The OR Records (official records) of the County will include marriages entered into in the County, mortgages, official filings and much more. Property appraisers office will hold records pertaining to property ownership, who the prior owner was, the value of the property, legal description, buildings on the property, etc. This is all done on a county by county basis. Most of the records, with the exception of property records and voter registration, are found at the County Court House at the Clerk of the Court or County Clerk's office. Ask a clerk there for assistance and they will help you with the location of the records and how to find what you are looking for. It is also possible to obtain copies of the documents and/or certified copies for a fee, usually per page. If you have a limited budget take along a legal pad and a couple of pens or pencils and make detailed notes.