Is there a way to find out if someone has blocked you from MSN?

Well there's a bunch of sites that say they can tell, but even if you type in the address of somebody who you know is online, it'll still say they're offline.
So, no. The block-check websites don't work or tell you the real status of the person. You could always ask one of their friends.
If you check their profile and it has updates you don't know about, then they've either blocked you or deleted you.

But, if you have MSN Plus, there is this option to see if someone on MSN has you or not.

To see this,
1. You go on your messenger.
2. Click show menu.
3. Click on Plus!
4. Click on Contacts List Clean-up

Idk if this works, but it might help.

Very Good Answer! But i would like to add to it! I wouldn't recommend the block checker websites some say work as they usually ask for passwords and emails so

1. The owner of the website may hack you

2. You should never give personal information like account details

3. It may let viruses into your computer

You could try what the answer above says with checking on their profile....Good Luck!