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Well there's a bunch of sites that say they can tell, but even if you type in the address of somebody who you know is online, it'll still say they're offline.

So, no. The block-check websites don't work or tell you the real status of the person. You could always ask one of their friends.

If you check their profile and it has updates you don't know about, then they've either blocked you or deleted you.

But, if you have MSN Plus, there is this option to see if someone on MSN has you or not.

To see this,

1. You go on your messenger.

2. Click show menu.

3. Click on Plus!

4. Click on Contacts List Clean-up

Idk if this works, but it might help.

Very Good Answer! But i would like to add to it! I wouldn't recommend the block checker websites some say work as they usually ask for passwords and emails so

1. The owner of the website may hack you

2. You should never give personal information like account details

3. It may let viruses into your computer

You could try what the answer above says with checking on their profile....Good Luck!


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Q: Is there a way to find out if someone has blocked you from MSN?
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How do you get unblock from msn?

You cannot get unblocked from MSN, in any way shape or form. If someone has blocked you ON MSN, you can't do anything, and if you have been banned from MSN, there is nothing you can do either.

How do you get blocked on msn?

You annoy the hell out of someone, say something rude or mean, or make them feel really awkward. By the way, don't do any of those things

Is there a way to find out if someone has deleted you from MSN?

ther is a website u can go in

Is there a way to find out if someone has blocked you from whatsapp messenger?

Yes message the person you think has blocked you and see if it works or wait for them to reply,

Is there a way to find out if someone has blocked you from twitter?

Nope. You can only see who you are blocking through the API.

Is there a way to see if someone blocked you from twitter?


How do you find out who you have blocked on Twitter?

There's no set way to do this. However, if you know that someone was definitely following you, go to their profile and if the "message" option isn't available, they have either unfollowed you or blocked you.

How do you stop someone from following your tweets?

Block them. This way the person you blocked can not find you again unless you unblock them. I hope this helped!

Who is blocking on MSN?

Do MSN Block Checkers really work? The short answer is NO, there is no 100% working method for finding out if you have been blocked! Here's why: Back in the day, due to the way Microsoft had configured the privacy settings for Passport and MSN Messenger accounts, a Block Checker could find out if a use was really offline or if they had blocked you, block checking was easy and common. Microsoft recently changed this privacy configuration so block checkers can no longer check you if a certain person has blocked you, unless the person has turned off this privacy feature, which is not very likely! In case the person has not turned off the privacy feature (it's On by default), a block checker will most likely tell you that the contact (the blocker) is offline and has not blocked you on MSN Messenger, even if they have blocked you.

Is there a way to find out if someone has blocked you from yahoo?

create another account and add the will see if their online or offline,,,if their online for the new account but offline on your account then theyve blocked u

Is there a way to find out if someone has blocked you from Skype?

Sorry, There is no way unless skype says you have been banned. i hope that didn't happen to you! Hope that helps! GL

Who is blocking me on MSN Messenger?

The 'Contact List Cleanup' option is a quick way to determine who has blocked you on msn. This feature comes free with Windows Live Messenger Plus, which can be downloaded for free from:

How do you unblock yourself on someone else's Facebook on Facebook?

If someone is blocked on someone else's Facebook, there is not a way to be unblocked. The person who has blocked a person, is the only one that can unblock anybody.

Is there any way I can find out who called me from a blocked number and the number it came from?

no ....sorry try your service provider they might be able to trace it u know who called from blocked no then find out that .. who called u from blocked no

How do you know if someones blocked you on moshi monsters?

If you have been block on moshi, the way to find out is...if one of your other friends are friends with someone you think has blocked you, have a look in there friend tree and look for their monsters (the person you think has blocked you). some numbers will be replaced with the person you think has blocked you and when you try to go to there room, it will say- we are having trouble loading that location.

Is there anyway of knowing if someone received your message or not when the person has blocked you?

You can't write a message on someone else's message board if you are blocked. Though, if you did manage to write a message on someone's board, there is no way to know if they read it or received it or not.

Is there a way to find out if someone has blocked you from FB?

You can use the Facebook app Friends List Tracker. It works very well and will tell you everything about your friends list changes in real time!

How do i delete someone out of your privacy zone on if you have had a conversation with them on msn?

When you delete someone on msn and they dont delete you that person it still capable of sending you a message and you receiving it. I would recommend blocking them and deleting them. That way that person can't send you anything and you can't send them anything either.

How do you find the number of who called you as blocked?

You can not. I work for att and the only way to block blocked callers is smart limits but smart limits does not work for 4 g phones

How come you can find the people that delet or block in msn?

Where can you find out if people delete or block you on msn? If you are talking about one of those websites which say "find out who blocked you", then you are in for something unpleasant. Those websites are scams. You usually have to log in to your account through that website, and that gives them your password. Later, without your knowledge, they log in to your account and send advertisements to those who are on your contact list. They also get the email addresses from your address book, and send spam advertisement emails to your friends. The other perhaps "common-sense" way of telling is if someone blocks you is to ask a friend who is on their list. Say person A blocks person B, person B can ask person C whether person A is online. If person A is visible only to C and not B, then obviously person A has blocked B.

How do you find someone on Tumblr?

The only way to find someone on Tumblr is to know their URL.

Is there a way to find out whether someone received a text message if they do not reply?

It's not directly related, but to find out if people have you blocked on their IM program: Unistall the program, then reinstall it. Your contact list should be intact but will need authorization to add the contacts to your list again. The contacts that comeback refused means those individuals have you blocked now, and if you're blocked on their IM program it will reject your request for authorization without the "blocker" even knowing it. Basically, the person who blocked you won't know that you know they blocked you...Which puts the ball in your court, and can make things interesting the next time you meet at a party.

Gerard way's msn address?

Gerard Way does not have MSN. He has said so to a fan on the website 'Twitter'.

What does btw mean on msn?

BTW = By the way. However, it's not just on MSN, it's a type of SMS.

How do you open blocked sites in uae?

The best way to open blocked sites in UAE is to find a VPN solution. The best VPN provider will provide unlimited bandwidth and no restrictions on use.