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  • Ask him straight out. It takes a lot of guts to do this and it's probably not something you'd want to do since you are asking this question but it will give you the bast result. Other signs may include, being nice to you one day then mean to you the next, smiling at you one day then ignoring you completely, staring at you a lot, he will look at you differently, basically all the extremes...But every guy is different so you can never be sure until you ask.. Also never give up if not your crush there will be someone else. Oh and if they say no kiss em' it will help after all who isn't a great kisser. But make sure it's just the two of you when you kiss em' no one watching or knows about it until afterward.
  • Well, if you are really desperate to know and you really love him/her, just get some clues by checking how he/she looks at you. Make sure they are looks that they get lost in your eyes. Those are the best looks! He/she might look at you one day, ignore you the next day, laugh at your jokes, completely act like he/she doesn't know you, (don't worry, it's not the end of the world! It's temporary! Just remember, act like yourself! Good luck young lovers!
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Q: Is there a way to find out if your crush may have a crush on you and that it's not in your mind because you are the one who likes him?
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Why do you frequently dream about your crush but without romantic stuff in the dream?

You dream about your crush because that person is often on your mind, and it is natural to dream about whatever is on your mind. Because you call this person your "crush," you may not have any actual relationship with them, and it is possible that your unconscious mind, which produces your dreams, views this person as too respected and distant to imagine any romantic interaction.

What does it mean when a guy says he likes you but he has a crush on someone else?

His focus is on the person who he has the crush on. you would be second to the person his crush is on. That makes me think of that old classic by the O Jays. " Your body's here with me, but your mind is on the other side of town". Don't be a victim of that.

What does it mean if you dream of your crush liking another girl?

If this was asked by a girl, it means, that your crush like another girl in mind. He maybe likes you, but tell him your true feelings and maybe he might like you in the end.

How do you know if your best friend is lying when she says my crush likes me or if she's just trying to make me feel better?

Don't depend on the word of a friend if your crush likes you he should be the one to tell you so act like you believe her but she wouldn't know she cant read his mind.

What does dreaming about kissing your crush mean?

because you have a crush it is playing on your mind when you dream about kissing them means that this could happen or your just obsessed with him hope that helped.

Who does Zayn Malik like?

Mereana in new zealand in Rotorua she likes him more than any one his celebrity crush is megan fox but she doesnt mind that because its a celebrity but hers is zayn malik or harry styles :)

What to do when my friends tease you and your crush usually sees?

Let them tease and do not mind if your crush is present at that very moment for your crus will definitely fall inloved to you because of your patience.

What to do if your crush has a crush on someone else?

You DO NOT start showing your crush you like him. It will turn into a wreck because he will get your hints find out and tell the girl he is crushing on. You move into this slowly. you start talking to him more, you hang with him more, and you find common interests. You try to take his mind off of the other girl. That's all you can do until he realizes you're what he wants. Don't wait around forever because it will be a waist. If it takes toO long let it go. OR Crush your crush.. (Rock, paper, scissors.. Three players, equal chances.) Crush, crush, Crushee. Your crush is canceled out by her crush. Or his.. The game goes to the last "crushee'' not the "crusher." If it happens later on it happens. Forget it now though.

When a guy you secretly like comes up to you and kisses you on the cheek does that mean he likes you or fooling with your mind?

If he's a nice guy it's because he likes you. If he's a jerk he's fooling with your mind.

What do you do when the guy you like likes you back and asks you out but takes it back because he's moving and you find out that while he was asking you out he was trying to get with 4 other girls?

Your mind explodes.

What do you do when your crush likes someone else?

Your crush may lie when anyone asks if him or her likes you but you can tell if him or her likes you if he constantly stares at you or follows you during recess or in the hallway. So don't instantly think him or her doesn't like you even if him or her says that! Well, this actually happened to me, so I know the feeling. The first thing I did was think, is he worthy of having me? Sometimes after he/she rejects you, your mind flies, and it becomes harder to think straight. So, I would say if your crush likes someone else, wait and see if the person your crush likes he/she back. If not, give it some time and soon he/she will pick up the hints that the person he/she likes doesn't like them. From then and on, just confort he/she but dont over do it, or you might end up without having a chance with your crush. So take it easy!! Also I do agree with what was written above what I write.

What happens if your friend has a crush on your crush and it makes you want to cry since it seems your crush likes your friend more than they like you?

Tell your friend that you Kirk him and she's just being mean. If you want to be mean to your friend tell the guy that she likes someone else, u wouldn't do that cuz you may ruin your friendship. Start talking about how much you "hate" that guy and how "gross and wierd" he is and try to change her mind about him.

How can you be comfortable around your crush?

I have struggled with this for a while, and this is the conclusion that I find works for me. Just don't think about him as being your crush, think about him as just another of your friends. He may be a friend that you flirt with, but do not elevate him in your mind.

How can you tell if you have fallen in love with your crush?

you can tell you have fallen in love because he/she is away on your mind you rember every word they said to you

What should you do when you like your friend but he has a girlfriend and likes you back?

Talk to him. Tell him you like him and you know he likes you but does he like his girlfriend. Don't start cheating with him because then you'll start feeling guilty. Basiclly just talk it out with him. Sometimes its best if you just keep in mind that this could be a short crush but other times its good to give him a deadline to chose her or you!

How can you know if the one that you have a crush on has a girlfriend?

you read their mind

How can you have a crush to someone?

You can have a crush on someone by the way they look at you, and how they tell you that you are pretty. But sometimes they are just messing with your mind...

Why can't you forget your first love?

because you loved them so much that whenever you think of love only they come up in your mind....and mama Phil loves you back NEW ANSWER: You loved him so much. That's why you picked him as your first crush. You might THINK of having a new crush, but whenever you have that thought in your mind, you come back to you first crush

How do you know you had a crush?

you know that you have had a crush or have a crush at the moment if you think about that special someone frequently. think about it, does his name immediately come to mind when one of your friends asks you who you like?

Why does his mind now revert to jane?

Because he likes her a lot and she is one of the few people who Holden views as innocent and not phony.

What to do if a boy asks you out ans you say no then change your mind?

Say that you have thought about it and that you would like to go out with him. If he likes you he may find it cute.

Why do you dream about your crush even though you don't really think about them?

Dreams are from your subconcious mind; a crush is something fairly major in that part of you.

How do you make the guy that hates you the guy that likes you?

Talk to him, find out what he likes/dislikes - he may not "not like" you, he may simply not know you. Get to know him, and if you find that he likes you too - great - if he doesn't don't let him hurt you and find someone who does like you. Let me improve what this person wrote its "impossible" if the guy doesn't like you he's not going to change he's mind!

What should you do if you have a huge crush on a friend and you told him but he only likes you as a friend?

AnswerAccept the answer you were given. There is nothing you can do and unless you want the friendship to go into the toilet, stay friends with him and don't approach it again. Let him come to you if he changes his mind.

What if you like your friend as a crush but he likes you as a friend?

Just wait he may change his mind! Try flirting with him and see what he does. But you can alway try to like someone else, or distract yourself from him for a while so you can re-think a little.