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Typically they are files which Windows is currently using. If they were to be moved during a defrag sequence, the system could crash. As if Windows doesn't crash enough on its own, right? There's no big mystery about the unmoveable files, they simply cannot be moved "while" windows is running. Some specific files that cannot be moved may include the Swap file also known as the "page file" or Virtual memory in older windows version.

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Q: Is there a way to find out what the unmovable files consist of when you defrag Windows?
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How do you defragme unmovable programes and files?

They are ignored during the defrag.

Does a defrag program create copies of data?

Usually not, The best Defrag program to use is the one the came Pre Installed in windows its located under Start, All Programs, Accessories, Tools - Or System Tools Defrag. What defrag does is put similar files together in order kinda like how a library puts books on a shelf, That way they can find them easier defrag is virtually the same.

When do you run disk defragmenter?

Disk defrag must be run regularly (or set to auto defrag) to keep the hard drive free of fragmentation and maintain the performance of the computer at a high level. Fragmentation of files (occurs 'naturally' when you write or modify a file on the hard drive). Windows comes with a built-in defragmenter, but it's not very good IMO: it's very slow, doesn't defrag all files (especially important system files), doesn't defrag properly when disk space is low, and is not flexible. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Its good to be proactive when it comes to defrag because once the fragmentation levels become high or if your free space drops below 15%, it be comes very difficult to defrag with the native disk dferagmenter. It also takes a very long time to complete the defrag.

What command is used to check a disk for fragmented files?


What command-line utilities can be used to defragment files?


How do you get rid of the fragmented files that stay after you run disk defrag?

A defrag program sometimes skips the files that contain like 2-4 fragments so it won't need to make space for that file because it's to large. Some programs have the option to defrag to defrag every file without skipping one.

What is the purpose of Defrag?

Defrag helps speed up data access, which means files and programs on the PC open smoother and faster than on a fragmented drive. Fragmentation occurs on Windows systems whenever files are added/edited/deleted etc and defragging regularly helps to prevent related performance loss like slowdowns, lags etc.

How can one speed up Windows XP?

There are a number of things one can try to speed up Windows XP. One can use a registry cleaner to remove unwanted files or use the defrag tool. One can perform a disk clean up and remove files that are no longer needed.

Diskdefragmenter doesn't Cdrive in windows 98se?

It it will not run at all, Insert your Win98 CD, and go to a DOS prompt. Run c:\windows\system32\sfc.exe to verify your system files. SFC is "system file checker". If defrag stop and restarts, reboot and hit F8 to enter safe mode. Run defrag from safe mode.

What command to rearrange parts of files on the drive so they are contiguous?


How do you defragment files?

go to start\all programs\accessories\system tools\ defrag tool let it run and it should defrag your hard drive

How can you defragment a disk?

Go to the disk->right click->properties->extra->defrag --------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are defragmenting with the Windows tool, you will also have to ensure that there is atleast 15% free space to defrag and ideally no other programs running should interrupt the task. The built in defragger also does not defrag system files. If you want, you can check out trial versions of comemrcial defrag programs that overcome all these limitations.

You have Windows XP and it will not defrag so does anyone have the answer?

Some common reasons for problems in defragmentation are- (1) Not enough disk free space since the XP defragmenter needs atleast 15% free disk space to defrag. (2) Fragmented system files such as the Master File Table (MFT) or the Page File. The XP defragmenter cannot defrag these. You can clear up some disk space by doing a disk cleanup with the 'Properties' option by right clicking the drive in 'My Computer'. To get around these issues, especially (2), you'll need a third party defragmenter such as Diskeeper 2009. Diskeeper can also defrag in very low space conditions, as well as defragment the MFT and Page File. You may need to run a boot-time defrag after a conventional defrag to completely defrag these system files.

Why defrag your computer?

Its important to defrag the computer to prevent performance deterioration (like slowdowns and lags) caused by file fragmentation over time. A defrag reorganizes the fragmented files sequentially and speeds up data access.

Do you have to be online to defrag a computer?

No! In fact, it's best that you're NOT online while doing a defrag. Anytime defrag hits a part of a hard drive where the information is changing, defrag restarts doing that portion of the drive. While on the Internet, your PC is constantly sending and receiving files and changing what's on the hard drive. Your defrag will take a lot longer.

What are the benefits of doing a disk defrag regularly?

There are a few potential benefits of doing a disk defrag regularly. It will improve the performance of the hard drive and speed up access to files. The files are organized more efficiently and space is created.

What is disk defrag?

Disk defrag rearranges files on your hard drive. Its supposed to help speed up the systems speed for accessing files but with hard drive speeds these days disk defrags dont increase performance by a noticable amount

What windows program stores files?

The program used to store files on windows is called: Windows Explorer.

Do you lose any files if you defrag your computer?

It is possible if you defrag too often. Try to limit defragmenting to as little as possible, as defragmenting too much can cause im data loss.

Where do you boot files in the Windows 95?

The boot files are in C://Windows/system32

What are the bootable files in Windows XP?

explan your bootable files in windows xp?

How does defrag work?

When you defragment your computer, it places all kinds of clustered files into a more organized form, taking less time to find them. Be careful not to defrag more than once every couple months, since that will destroy your hard drive if you over defrag.

What is a fragmented disk?

When a program is first installed on your computer, all the files are nice and organised. But as the program is used, these files start to get accessed by Windows. The files are then put back onto the disk in not the same orderly spot they came from. Eventually they are scattered all over the hard drive. This is called fragmentation. A fragmented hard drive is slower because Windows has to go searching for these fragmented files, thus slowing the system down. Running the defrag tool once every two months or so, organises all these files once again.

What is the location of major system files in Windows XP?

Most of the important Windows files are located in C:\Windows\System32

What does a defragmenting utility program do?

A defragmenting programme is like a secretary who organises your files on your hard drive of your computer (like a filing cabinet), and your computer can therefore find things faster at start up. It also clears and free's up disc space no longer used by files. You should 'defrag' your computer often, say every eight weeks or so. You should by default have a built in 'defrag' programme with most Windows Operating Systems you will find it via the Start menu. A top tip is I create a 'shortcut on my desktop' for the 'defrag' utility. Hope this helps.