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I have just suffered the (horn suddenly blows continuously) on a 97. In this case, the small springs used in the horn switch (in the center of the steering wheel) broke at 4:30 one morning. Pulled the horn relay (in the Relay Center, right side under hood) to stop it. Dealer said the Airbag unit would need to be replaced ($490 + labor), horn button cannot be repaired. Why would Ford do something as stupid as make the horn buttoon an integreal part of the Airbag ? I removed battery ground, and the Airbag assembly, disconnected both cables, and cutoff the cable going to the horn button. Drilled a 7/16" hole in the top of the steering wheel rubber center cavity. Soldered the horn connector cut wires to a RS part #275-646 pushbutton switch, force fit into the hole, reconnected the cables, reinstalled the Airbag unit, reconnected battery ground. Now I press the nice black button on top of the wheel hub to blow the horn. Saved well over $500. Stan

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โˆ™ 2006-05-28 03:00:13
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Q: Is there a way to fix the horn on a 1995 Town Car if it stuck when car door was locked with the remote?
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