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The best way may be to try to get a try-out with an A-League team.

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Q: Is there a way to get a try-out with a team without playing for a college?
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How do you get in a college basketball team?

You can get a scholarship (like me) or just tryout for a team.

What do they do to get in the softball team?

You would usually tryout for a team, unless a coach saw you play in a game on another team and invites you to come play on the team without a tryout.

Is it possible to join a sport team without tryout?


How do you get into Arena Football League?

you just go tryout for at team and you don't have to go to college

Can a 23 year old tryout for a college baseball team?

Yes, as long as he is a full time student at the school and has college eligibility.

Can you be a football player without going to college?

I am assuming you are asking if you can be a professional football player without going to college. The answer is yes. You would contact the team for which you are interested in trying to play. The odds of getting a tryout without an agent to represent you and no resume of football experience are very, very bad.

How can you get into the NFL?

Either be drafted out of college in the NFL Draft held in late April or be offered a tryout by an NFL team

How do you get in college football?

You have to either ear a scholarship out of high school or you can get accepted into the school and tryout for the football team as a walk on

I am from Detroit and I want to tryout for the Lions?

I want to know when can I tryout for the Detroit Lions team

What do you have to do to go to basketball team?


What does walk on mean in football?

often referring to college football, it means that the player was a walk on tryout, and did not receive a scholarship to play but attends the college, and tried out for the team

How can I obtain a soccer scholarship in Fort Worth, Texas?

To get a scholarship playing soccer in college in Fort Worth you will want to attend a tryout session at Texas Christian University. The school has walk on tryouts twice a year to make the college team. If you do well enough, you will be eligible for a scholarship.

How do you play for a soccer team in Egypt?

tryout for their teams

How did they select the 1980 hockey team?

It was an open tryout

Can you play college football without playing high school football?

you can, but it would be hard to make the team unless you are superathletic

How do you get in FIFA World Cup soccer?

You tryout for your national team

How do you make the US junior hockey?

US Junior Hockey leagues or the US Junior Hockey team? EDIT: To make the US junior hockey team, you just have to be a very good hockey player under the age of 21. If you're good enough, you will get scouted and asked to play or tryout for the team. It doesn't matter if you're playing high school, midgets, juniors, or college. If you're good enough, you'll be scouted. To make a team in the US junior hockey league, go on their website and look at tryout information for the team(s) you would like to play for and go to the tryout. It helps if you contact the coached before hand and let them know who you are, where you've place, etc...

How can I tryout for an NFL team?

Get Drafted and Then show ready for training camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you tryout for a practice team for the NFL?

Put on your resume "hitting dummy"

If you get recruited do you still have to tryout for the team?

No,but you have to practice in order to be able to dress out.

What team is the oldest college football team still playing?

Rutgers and Princeton are credited with playing the first college football game back in 1869. Both still field teams.

Have to figure a way to get a tryout with an NFL team?

Talk to your college coach and/or athletic director if you think you have the talent to make the NFL. If you aren't invited to the NFL Scouting Combine, you may be invited to the Pro-Day workouts at your College or University.

How do you get a tryout with a pro soccer team?

You don't want to because its a women sport

What happens to player that dont get drafted to a NFL team?

He is an undrafted free agent, and can ask any team for a tryout.

How do you get in the NFL without college?

Find a team desparate for players.