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If he is in any type of relationship why bother them. Realize that however they are functioning it is working for them and you are now where in the equation. Isnt there anyone else you have had your eyes on or have eyes on you. Why is he an ex anyway, if you belonged together you would be together and you wouldn't have to work this hard to get him at all. If you really want to try then be a big girl and go and ask him if he's still interested and don't play games. You'll find out rather quickly if you should waste your time on him or invest it with someone else.

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Is it about cheating in a relationship? Is it the wish of an older woman to return to her youth?

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How do bring love back to a relationship that is about to end?

you cant just bring love back, it has to be there. if it is gone then it is best the relationship ends

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write a note on man-woman relationship in the look back in anger and coment upon it

How can you bring the spark back into your relationship?

Try doing something spontanious for your partner. It is sure to surprise them and bring some excitment back into your relationship.

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When should one back out from a love relationship?

You should back out of a love relationship when you are being abused, when you realize you do not love the other person, or when the relationship is no longer working. You should seriously consider backing out of the relationship if the other person cheats on you or does not treat you with respect.

How can you get back at your mean older brother?

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No you cannot sorry

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Why would you even think about going back to an abusive relationship? Unless you want to get beat on for the rest of your life.

What is a Hindus relationship with god?

Not only hindus, everyone has a relationship with him, we emerged from him and at the end, we will go back.

What is a boomerang relationship?

i believe it is when you are in a relationship, then you and the person break up, then you get back together and so on and so on.

Can you go back to an older version for internet explorer?

You can go back to version 8 or 7. At the bottom of this page is a link to Internet Explorer download page where you can get the older versions.

How do I avoid a narcissist man after I ended the relationship and he wants me back?

When you ended the relationship you hurt his pride not his heart (as he doesn't have one). He doesn't want you back to love you but so that HE gets to end the relationship. Don't communicate with him - at all.

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How do I tell one of my best friends who is older than me that I like him without it getting embarrassing or damaging our friendship?

you need to make sure that he is right for you because if you say it and he doesnt like you back the relationship will never be the same, no matter how you ask! :(

He left your relationship for a girl he had an unrequited crush on last year... will he be back?

If he did come back why would you go back with him?

What happens in a symboiotic relationship?

A symbiotic relationship is one in which both parties benefit. "You scratch my back; I scratch yours."

What does he really mean when he says you should put the relationship on the back burner?

He means that you should not expect the relationship to develop into anything important (such as marriage). It is a minor relationship.

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You should if you are 18 or older