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Most games that are compatible with XP should be with Vista. The only difference might be how they utilize the new directX 10. I know I had the Release candidate version of vista and all my xp games worked with vista. However some of the older games may not work as well. Also, you might want to check your machines graphics hardware. To run vista fully with all of the GUI functions requires a pretty hefty machine. If you have a lower end card then Vista itself might be using all of the hardware's resources and not allowing any for the game(especially the more intenense ones). My machine has an ATI radeon 256 MB card and it does well. Of course this card is in the mediocre range but it does ok.

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Will windows xp games run on vista?

Not all of them, usually if games don't run under vista production companies release updates which make the games compatible with vista. Some games, however, are compatible with vista in principle.

Is there any way to make a windows 98 game compatible with a Windows Vista?

You can try to run it in the compatibility mode. But 99% of games for Windows 98 will not work under Vista.

To make sure that all hardware or software installed on the system is compatible with windows vista use the?

Vista Upgrade Advisor

How do you make final fantasy XI compatible with windows vista?

apply the ux patch

How do you make 3d home architect deluxe 3.0 work on vista?

It is likely that the program 3D Home Architect Deluxe is not compatible with Windows Vista. An upgraded version is now available that is compatible.

Can you play Halo 2 on windows 7?

Yes. However, you must make sure that the version of Halo 2 you are trying to play is the PC edition rather than the XBOX version. It should read "Halo 2 for Vista" or something similar. Now this does NOT mean it is only compatible with Vista. Halo 2 is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, but not Windows XP.

How do you make Windows XP look like Windows Vista?

By going to purchase Windows Vista9By going to purchase Windows Vista

Do you need to have windows vista to install Halo 2 games for windows?

yes you do, but there are hacks to make it work on XP

How to make camcorder vista compatible?


How can one upgrade to Windows Vista?

If you are interested in upgrading to Windows Vista you can find several ways to do so. One of the first things you must do is make sure your computer is compatible for Windows Vista and has enough memory. You can purchase a Windows Vista disk from a electronic store such as Best Buy. Insert the disk and select install when the prompt comes up. Follow the install wizard as instructed.

Is Rome Total War compatible on windows vista?

No it is not, it was made a while back in 2005 and is not made for Vista. I would suggest following advice on the forums of other sites, however i have never been able to make it work for Vista.

How do you make a fake virus on windows XP office edition?

You cant, windows xp sucks. Windows vista the best! with windows vista you can do it!

How do you make dreamrender work in Windows Vista?

There is a windows vista freeware that you can download and use. Simply search dreamrender for windows vista freeware and you should come across it.

Where can I get the source code to Windows Vista?

You cannot. Windows Vista is closed-source; they don't make the code available for download.

Is checksoft mycheckbook 2006 compatible with Vista?

I don't know if it is compatible with Vista but it is NOT compatible with Microsoft Money Plus, which is the latest version of money, and Avanquest will not give an update to make it compatible. They insist you buy the latest version of Checksoft.

How do you make a PowerPoint on Windows Vista?

To make a PowerPoint in Windows Vista, you have to buy Microsoft Office. Depending on which version you buy, it will come with PowerPoint, Excel and Word

Is quicken 2002 compatible with vista?

Yes, Quicken 2002 should be compatible with Vista, although it has been problematic before. Just make sue that you have the latest version of Quicken, and you may need to go to the Windows Desktop, right-click the Quicken icon and select Run as, and select administrator.

How do you make The Sims 2 compatible with Windows Vista?

You have to download a patch, download the CD one then it should work.

What comes with 32-bit Windows Vista?

Windows Vista comes with a selection of programs. Since I Have windows vista, I searched around my computer for anything it came with. The programs are:Windows Office ( A program that lets you make your own presentations, type documents, and in some sord of way, code.Windows Media Player ( This program lets you play music files up to 256 Kbps. Works with Mp3, M4a, ACC, and OGG )Windows Accessories ( This is a folder named accessories which is is broken down to Calculator, Command Prompt, Notepad, Paint, Run, and Wordpad. )Windows Defender ( This is the antivirus software windows vista comes with. )Games ( Windows Vista will come with a selection of games. )Internet Explorer ( Every windows computer comes with windows explorer. )

Is peachtree complete compatible with Windows Vista?

Peachtree complete has put up patches that are supposed to make all the peachtree products compatible with Vista. I have just tried to use the patch, and it didn't work for me. I have not heard of anyone else that has had the problem though. Peachtree complete has put up patches that are supposed to make all the peachtree products compatible with Vista. I have just tried to use the patch, and it didn't work for me. I have not heard of anyone else that has had the problem though.

Is Microsoft Home Publishing Suite 2000 compatible with Windows 7?

No. I wish I could find a way to make it compatible. Does anyone know of a way to make it compatible with Windows 7??

Why old game's performance are worse in vista Especially games with low gpu demanding ones like airline tycoon axis allies. There is a major slowdown after a couple of minutes?

because windows vista has a cirtain comitability of games it and the games out so far are desined for windows xp not many games are out for vista that's why most run slow u can upgrade graphics to make them abit faster.

How do you make Windows Vista run faster?

Throw it away and load Windows 7

Can you make a windows xp games compatible with a windows 7 PC?

just right click then press properties go to compatibility tab then go to this website

How make office 2003 compatible with windows vista home basic?

i would not try to use office 2003 on any computer run by windows vista because i tryed to put it on my computer and the next time i turned it on i had to restore my computer and lost itunes and other programs as well as personal files.

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