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Is there a way to make your nose look longer?

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I realize the category is under cosmetic surgery but in the mean time, I learned from cosmetics class that brushing on highlighting powder or a shimmery eyeshdow neautral color straight down the bridge of your nose makes it look longer.

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If your nose is not huge but the nostril holes are really big and round is there any way you can make them look or become smaller?

One way is to trim all nose hair with a nose hair trimmer. This way it's less dark inside your nose and more of your skin shows. One way to make the notril holes look smaller you must have make-up done . However, to make them become smaller you must have cosmetic surgery done.

Is it possible to lose weight from your nose?

No, since your nose is not made of fat, it is made of cartilage and bone. The only way to make your nose smaller or look smaller, is to disguise it with make-up, or get plastic surgery.

Is it possible to mold your nose to the way you want it?

With plastic surgery, someone can mold the nose to whichever shape they prefer. They can have longer or shorter noses or make them more pointed.

What is an easy way to look thin and make your nose look small?

it is advisable to stop eating completely to look thin. it shouldnt take long to see the results. as for the nose, im afraid you'll have to look like pinoccio unless you have the money for a nose job.

Will your nose go saggy arounf your nose piercing as you get older?

No, your nose will not get saggy, the way it looks now is the way it will look in 30 years.

Could breaking your nose and cautiously positioning it to how you want it to look make a nose smaller or reduce the bump?

The healing process generally causes the nose to get larger, but even if it doesn't make it larger, you won't be able to make it smaller that way. You'll need to see a plastic surgeon for that one. It's expensive, but it's the only way.

Is there a way for Nose reduction without surgery?

there is a type of injection that you can have done to slightly reduce the look of your nose

Was hitlers moustache nose hair?

No, Hitlers mustache was not nose hair. He trimmed the mustache to look the way it did.

What is nose piercing about?

Nose piercings are related to some religions but otherwise, people just like the way that they look.

How do you thin your nose?

There is no way to change the shape of your nose except by plastic surgery. Instead, I suggest you learn to like the way God made you look and love yourself the way you are!

Are eyebrows hairs longer than nose hairs?

No, nose hairs start growing at the top of the nose and work it's way down. When you pluck nose hair you only take out 1/3 of the actual length.

What is the easiest way to grow your hair longer?

Well the easiest way is to not get it cut but the nicest way (which will make your hair look nice ) is just to get it trimmed every now and again.

How do you make jeans longer?

Sag them a bit that will be the best way to make you pants/jeans longer

How can you make your head hair grow faster?

there is no way to make your hair grow longer... sorry! (we all wish there was a way)but if you condition your hair regularly, it weighs it down to make it appear slightly longer, and healthier.i have also heard that taking iron tablets (vitamins) can make your hair thicker and therefor look slightly longersorry again but i hope this helps in anyway

Why do blacks have big noses?

Its not a big nose its a flat nose and its not that big compared to Indians. and those are just stereotypes not all look that way.

Does swirling a wine one way or another make the nose different?


Why did santa make Rudolph the leader?

Because his nose lights the way...

How do you spell the past tense of nose?

"Nose" is a noun. It does not have a past tense form, as it is not a verb or action. Nose is also a verb it means: 1. (of an animal) thrust its nose against or into something - smell or sniff (something). 2. look around or pry into something. make one's way slowly ahead, especially in a vehicle.

How do your genes make you who you are?

They don't make you who you are, they make you howyou look, or rather they make you look the way you do.

What is the best way to make jeans look good?

The best way to make jeans look cool is to make them into caprice

How can you make your nose a lot smaller?

Well I'm afraid there is no other way but plastic surgery my friend! i hate how that word sounds (plastic surgery) i have this HUGE bump on my nose that i really hate! every time i look in the mirror i look from the front and say i look good then i turn my face to the side and feel so depprest look i it really really bothers you i say you do plastic surgery! i wish there was a cream to make the bump go away or something but there is no natural way for these problems :( now the right age to do this is 18

I am 14 and my nose is really long can you make it long shorter without surgery?

Simply, the answer is NO Answer Is your nose really too long? You're very young, you shouldn't worry too much. Anyways you cannot make it shorter, but you can make it look shorter using simple makeup. Apply some darker color than your skin tone shade to the bottom of the nose tip and blend it. In this way an illusion of shorter nose is being created.

If you are attacked by a shark should you punch it in the nose?

no way that will make it attack you again

Can you get a boyfriend even if you have a big nose?

If a guy is just looking at your nose, he's not going to be a good boyfriend anyway!A boyfriend will love you for who you are, not just what you look like on the outside. Your nose is fine because that's the way God made you look and God doesn't make mistakes. Find a guy who will love your personality and your total package and not expect a supermodel Barbie girlfriend.

Will platinum blonde hair and extensions make your nose look smaller?

It's not really the color of the hair or whether or not the person has extensions in regards to making a larger nose stand out. It's usually the way the hair is cut, especially around the face.