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No. It will come when it comes. It seems girls are starting their periods earlier and earlier these days. Much of that has to do with the food we are comsuming. There are growth hormones in the milk we drink, it was given to cows so they would produce lots of milk continuously. Although there is no concrete evidence that it causes any real problems for milk drinkers, we are seeing children develop faster because of it. The long term effects are not clear yet. Don't hope for yourself to grow up too fast, you have plenty of time and you will not like your period once it does become regular. It may seem exciting now, but wait until you are doubled over in the fetus position because of cramps!

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Q: Is there a way to make your period to start and if you are twelve years old and can't take pills from the doctor is there another way like an exercise or something?
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How can you tell if you have your period or if something popped?

No, but your doctor would know.

Can you have a another period 5 days after a period?

No, you cannot have another menstrual period five days after your last menstrual period. Not all vaginal bleeding is menstruation, one or both of these bleeds are caused by something else. If you regularly experience irregular bleeds like this then you need to talk to your doctor to investigate the cause.

If you exercise more often will your period be shorter?

No, it will take even more time than usual (when you already have the period and you exercise more often!)If you don't have the period, and you exercise more often,it doesn't do anything!Another Answer:Excessive exercising can lead to a decrease in menstrual flow and can even cause you to stop getting your period.

If you never have your period regularly is there something wrong with you?

Yes, and you need to see your doctor.

Is something wrong if you still have your period after ten days?

Yes! Call your doctor.

I had my period since Thursday when will it end?

If you are worried, or if there is something not expected - see your doctor.

What cause you to lose your period late for 6 months?

I believe pregnancy, stress, excessive exercise, or losing a lot of weight (not eating right) can cause this problem. This is something you should visit a doctor for to be sure you are healthy.

I started exercising about two weeks ago. i have never exercise before. I'm supposed to get my periods about two to three days ago an i have not. Does exercise delay your periods?

sometimes. if you dont get your period soon or are worried that something may be wrong, go see a doctor

You are turning 21 and never before had your period is there something wrong?

Possibly. See a doctor.

Why did your dogs period stop?

that happend to my dog she had something wrong with her system and i took her to the doctor. =]

Is there something wrong if you get your period after you turn fifteen?

No, there is nothing wrong with you. If you get to 18 and you still haven't had your period, you need to go and see the doctor

Why women not exercise during menstrual period?

The thing is, they cannot exercise when they have cramps. That would be like exercising when you have cramps, that would be painful. Another thing is, that if they're running, it makes the period become heavy. It's a best thing that women do not exercise during menstruation.

My period was a week early but then three weeks later i had another one but my stomach seems to be getting bigger?

Hmm are u stressed or worried about something? Are you eating right? Those can cause you period to react diffrently. If I were you, I'd see a doctor.

Is something wrong if you have your period twice a month?

You may have a hormonal imbalance so see your doctor.

I don't get my period every month what does this mean?

it means something can be wrong with your ovaries go to the doctor :)

What does it mean when a girl doesn't get her period for a few months?

Something is wrong she needs a visit to her doctor.

Im 19 and you have never had your period is there something wrong with you?

Most girls have their period before they are 16, if you are really concerned, I suggest visiting a doctor.

Does everyone get a period?

All female humans do. If a woman never gets a period, it might mean something is wrong and she should see a doctor about it.

What does it mean If your period only lasts a day?

It may not be your period. You should talk to your mom or doctor because something may have gone wrong

What if you haven't gotten your period?

If you have been stressed lately or have not been eating correctly then this can have an affect on your menstual cycle. Exercise habbits can affect this as well. Pregnancy is another. A few weeks late can be normal depending on what you do. Go see your doctor though.

Womens should not exercise during their menstrual period?

why women should not exercise during minstrual period

Can vaginal bleeding look and feel like a period?

Vaginal bleeding is a period/menstruation. if you bleed for another reason you should see a doctor.

Is it normal to bleed a lot even when you don't have your period in another two weeks?

No, it's not, unless you miscalculated the arrival of your period. See a doctor.

Is it bad for your period to come 6 days earlier then usual?

It is possible for the period to fluctuate randomly, or due to changes in exercise patterns, or even weight gain or loss. If the pattern of the period continues to fluctuate excessively, consult a doctor.

What does it mean whenever you bleed chunks but your not on your period?

It means you need to talk to your doctor about it. There could be something wrong.