Is there a way to put music on your site without it being illegal?

  • Use music that is in the Public Domain. While there are many famous and not-so-famous musical works that are in the public domain, virtually all recordings of those works are under copyright, so you might have to make your own recording of a public domain work.
  • Use your own musical composition.
  • Get permission (license) from the copyright holder or from the Harry Fox Agency. For web sites, it is often most convenient and less expensive to purchase "stock" or "library" music. Unlike internet performance licenses from HFA, stock music is licensed for a single, one-time fee. Google for "royalty free music".
  • Look for midi files: Bear in mind, though, that you still need to get a license and possibly pay royalties to use compositions that are not in the public domain, even in MIDI form--it's just a slightly different kind of license.

And make sure posting multimedia content on your site doesn't violate your web host's TOS Policy.