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Is there a way to reduce discharge?

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If you have a vaginal discharge you probably have a vaginal infection, particularlly if there is an odor. A yeast infection causes a white thick discharge and may cause itching. Hemophilus vaginitis can cause a greyish discharge with a "fishy" odor. Trichomoniasis is a STD that causes itching and burning. If you have a discharge, see your doctor it is not normal. Do not douche before you see the doctor, he will need to check the discharge to see what is causing it. If you douche too much this can cause a discharge. You actually never have to douche, douching can rinse away the normal vaginal fluids and the body will secrte more to replace them creating a vicious cycle, so stop douching.

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If your pregnant do you still discharge?

Yes of course. The discharge is the vagina's way of cleaning and it will always be there.

Why do women produce discharge?

The discharge is the vaginas way to clean out the bacteria etc and keep the vagina healthy.

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Can you get vaginal discharge and get pregrant?

Having vaginal discharge does not prevent you from getting pregnant. It will not expel the sperm. It is not a way to determine whether or not you are pregnant. You can have discharge at any time, pregnant or not.

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Do women get discharge while pregnant?


Do you need discharge in order to start your period?

yes. the discharge is a way of cleaning out you vagina ready for the period cycle to start.

What does pink mucus discharge mean?

You period is on the way or you are ovulating.

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What the mucus is that is coming out of your vagina?

If you are talking about a whiteish yellow discharge, than don't worry. That discharge is the vagina's natural way of cleaning itself.

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What does it mean when their is discharge after being sexualy active?

the discharge could come from what they call back flow. that is when some of the male semen make its way out. as long there is no foul smell or pain accompanying the discharge, this is normal.

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Should you leave a laptop computer unpluggrd except to recharge?

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